• Vantare Platinum Plus RV

The Vantare Platinum Plus RV; The Most Amazing Home On Wheels

Touring and traveling cannot be more exciting than riding on the most awesome vantare platinum plus RV. Even though I find large RVs hard to navigate and drive, I love this one. As technology is getting a notch higher, traveling is also gaining an increasing demand. Today most people spend their free time or holidays on the road traveling from one tourist destination to another. With time, more advance traveling machines have dominated the road making every touring experience count. The amazing, vantare platinum plus is considered an equipped, state of the art home on wheels. It is a life changing experience to ride on the vantare platinum plus RV leave along owning it. It is the second most expensive RV out there. It is elegant and designed to impress, giving you perfect comfort on the road They are the whole purpose that the dream home on wheels becomes popular. The Vantare has got all what you need to travel, including your cars for rather shorter tour with in the main tour. It is practically a home and there is no better comfortable way to travel like have your home with you. The interior design is excellent; it is a [...]

When you think someone who lives in an RV is most likely a retired couple. Well, that’s not me. Sure, I could’ve waited until I got older to purchase a RV and live a life free on the road or I could do it now…while I’m in the prime of my life and could really enjoy everything a nomadic lifestyle has to offer. After all, who knows what will happen in the distant future?

I decided to create this website for people like me. Individuals and families who want to make the most of their life right now. Of course, it helps if you have the skills to make a living online, but there are ways to make it happen even if you are not yet able to do this. 

If you’re not quite sure the digital nomad lifestyle is right for you, check out my own experiences and make your decision from there. I’ll keep you up-to-date on what it’s like living in a Class B RV, while traveling. I’ll let you in on what my life is like… the good and the bad and the ugly. 

Being a digital nomad is a mentality not just a lifestyle. My goal is to build a like-minded community, complete with blogs, forums, educating materials and events to help us stay in touch and help each other to grow and become a digital nomad.  

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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An RV

When set out to buy a new RV, you are obviously excited. You have many expectations, and you want to get your new RV as soon as possible. Unknown to you is that if you make a tiny mistake during the purchase process, you can have every expectation ruined forever. These errors can, however, be prevented if people were careful.   Purchasing the wrong RV If you want to get a lasting satisfaction from the RV you are purchasing, then avoid going to the market without doing research. If you cannot do research, there is a likelihood of you finding [...]

  • How To Do Laundry in a Small RV?

How To Do Laundry In A Small RV?

I love the lifestyle my Small RV allows me. There is one issue I have to talk about that keeps coming up. Laundry. There are ways that you can clean your clothing without relying on laundromats. Especially you will need this when you are boondocking a lot.   Mini Machines There are some mini machines that can be used on the RV to do laundry. They are much smaller than the traditional washer and dryer and were designed to fit into smaller spaces like a small RV. Machines such as the Laundry POD or the electric Panda will wash the clothing. [...]

  • cooking-in-your-small-rv

Cooking In Your Small RV

RVs come in many sizes and shapes, but one feature remains constant; a small kitchen, characterized by a compact storage and counter space. For full timers like me, who insist on eating healthy, getting the most from such a little kitchen can be quite tricky. I've been eating and buying mostly organic food for over a decade, preparing it myself using straightforward and efficient kitchen accessories and equipment, in less than 30 minutes. However, there are some things I have been observing, over the past few months when it comes to RV [...]

  • Cost Of Living In An RV in California

How Much Does It Cost To Live In An RV In California?

  So you have decided you want to live in an RV, you want to experience the adventure and freedom that comes with life on wheels, but you are not quite sure if you can afford it. Well here is a guide on how to manage your finances so that your monthly cost is either just under $2000 or slightly over that. Yes, this is possible even when you are living in California which is supposed to be very expensive even for people living full time in an RV. Buying the RV To minimize your costs, you should buy an [...]

  • self-driving-rv

Self Driving RVs – The Future Concept

The whole point of living in an RV is that you have complete freedom to travel where you want to. You want to get away from stress, and maybe one of the things that stresses you out in life is driving. I hate sitting in the L.A. traffic, driving 120 miles in 4 hours. If you are like me then you would be happy to have a self driving RV, so that you wouldn't have to drive. If you had this kind of an RV, you could go to sleep, set the system and you could wake up at a [...]

  • 7-great-upgrades-for-your-rv

7 Great Upgrades For Your RV

Even if your RV is fine, there are still ways in which you could make your experience better. You might be interested in upgrading your RV with better technology. Many of these changes can make your ride more comfortable, more successful, and better overall. 1. Portable solar panels: You're going to be bathed in sunlight as you're driving around in your RV, especially if you are planning to spend a good amount of time in a State with lots of sunshine like California. Ideally, you would be able to use some of it. These Renogy portable solar panels will allow [...]