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Iceland – My Solo 8-Day-Road-Trip With Video

Even though I didn't take my RV with me, a trip to Iceland is part of my digital nomad lifestyle. I found an extremely good flight deal by the Icelandic WOW airlines and I've decided to do a road trip around the island. I rented a car and reserved places through AirBnb. I must admit, I regretted my decision... Iceland is the perfect country to use an RV instead of hotels, there are so many RVs and sleeping vans on the road, many rental companies offer them for the price of car rental + hotel. It's basically the same price but you can spend your nights anywhere. Besides the cheap campground prices in towns, I saw RVs parking overnight in many other rural areas, parking places. It's free and considering the fact that Iceland is the safest country in the World, you would have worry-free nights. I would highly recommend renting an RV. 1st day I arrived at Keflavik airport at around 5AM local time, with the 7 hours difference it was just time for me to go to bed. I've rented the car and decided to skip the night to get used to the time change. I drove around [...]

When you think someone who lives on an RV is most likely a retired couple. Well, that’s not me. Sure, I could’ve waited until I got older to purchase a RV and live a life free on the road or I could do it now…while I’m in the prime of my life and could really enjoy everything a nomadic lifestyle has to offer. After all, who knows what will happen in the distant future?

I decided to create this website for people like me. Individuals and families who want to make the most of their life right now. Of course, it helps if you have the skills to make a living online, but there are ways to make it happen even if you are not yet able to do this. 

If you’re not quite sure the digital nomad lifestyle is right for you, check out my own experiences and make your decision from there. I’ll keep you up-to-date on what it’s like living in a Class B RV, while traveling. I’ll let you in on what my life is like… the good and the bad and the ugly. 

Being a digital nomad is a mentality not just a lifestyle. My goal is to build a like-minded community, complete with blogs, forums, educating materials and events to help us stay in touch and help each other to grow and become a digital nomad.  

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5 Awesome And 5 Bad Things About Iceland

5 Awesome things about Iceland No cash needed - I was in Iceland for 8 days and did not use any cash only my credit card. They accept it everywhere. I even saw public bathrooms where you could pay with your credit cards. Safety - Iceland is one of the safest countries in the World. If you decide to rent a camping van, RV or just travel around camping you will have no problem to find safe, free places to stay. Tap water quality - you won't need to buy water in Iceland, just bring an empty bottle and fill [...]

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15 Things To Do To Be Safe In Your RV as a Solo Traveller

It is often found that people have a certain apprehension towards anyone traveling solo in an RV. They are often astonished about the same. And if women are the ones leading such a lifestyle, the questions about safety are even more. The concern is real as there are a lot of aspects to be looked into before traveling solo like safety, security. There are a certain number of aspects to be taken care of while traveling alone in an RV. Here are a few general tips and guides that ensure safety for solo travelers of an RV. TIPS TO ALWAYS [...]

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How To Rent Out Your RV And Earn Up To $300 A Day

The travel industry has undergone a major shift over the past few years as consumers discover the advantages of peer-to-peer rentals. Online marketplaces like Airbnb.com and VRBO.com are connecting travelers with short-term vacation rentals, allowing owners to profit from properties they only use for part of the year. The trend has also moved into other travel sectors, including RV rentals. If you’re an RV owner, there are a multitude of reasons why you should consider renting your RV when you’re not using it. The Booming RV Sharing Market There’s no question that more people are taking vacations, including road [...]

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9 Reasons Why Full Time RVing Is Awesome

If you are considering full-time RV-ing, but you aren't sure if it is the right fit for you, then you should read on. Maybe what is written below will help you to decide to give this a try. 1. Full-time RV-ing gives you the chance to visit friends and relatives that you might not have seen in a while. You will be in the RV, anyway, and you might as well travel around the country and pay them a visit. They don't have to make the beds and wash the sheets, you can sleep on their driveway! 2. You can [...]

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RV Rental Prices – How To Get The Absolute Best Deal On Your Next RV Rental

How can you get the best deal and save money when renting an RV?   Renting an RV sounds more appealing to some travelers because they are new to vacationing in an RV and not as familiar with the brands and styles. Not to mention you may not be ready to make such a large purchase nor do you have a space to store it when you are not on the road.   If you want to take advantage of traveling with the family and have all of the conveniences of home, a rental is a great way to [...]

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Risks Of Renting Out Your RV

If you've ever wanted to make some extra money but didn't know where to start why not try renting out your RV?When I've fist heard of RV Share where you can list your RV and rent it out for the months you are not using it I signed up. Later I started having some concerns so I've contacted RVshare: My two big concerns were Who pays for parking tickets? If they don't park in the right area that shouldn't be my fault. I am renting the RV out not driving it for them. I will get the tickets in the mail, [...]