10 Must Haves Before Your First RV Trip – Don’t Leave Without These!

Last Updated on December 13, 2022

10 must haves before your first RV trips

After months of researching for the perfect RV, you have finally found one and bought it. It’s now parked outside your home waiting for the first trip.

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Below is a list of essential items every RV owner should have before taking their first trip.

Drinking water hose & filter

water filter for rvAlthough you probably fill your water tank before you leave for your first trip, you will eventually need water again. Many campsites will offer water hookups and even though you could use a simple water hose; it is always advised to use a dedicated one just for drinking water. The drinking water hose is white or blue in color and the best choice for your RV. I Purchased the NeverKink kind which supposes to be the best.

I also advise getting a water filter as well, which will make your water better quality.

Water pressure regulator

water pressure regulator

When you want to hook up to city water, t’s important to use a water pressure regulator. This device will regulate the water pressure. Without this, your pipes may break leading to leaks and spills.

Sewer Hose

sewer hosesewer hose supportTo ensure that you are able to drain away sewer water from your RV when traveling, you will need a sewer hose. Even though the hose will work without support, some campgrounds will not allow you to use your hose on the ground. This is why you need to invest in a Sewer Hose Support system as well. This will help to keep the flow by maintaining a proper slope to the dump hole.

Power cord and Surge Protector

class b power cordYour RV probably has an electric outlet. In order to use your electric devices or charge your home battery, you need to plug into a 30 AMP electric outlet. You need a special power cord for this. (50 AMP is usually for larger RVs.) When you are plugged in, you are able to use all-electric devices, outlets on your RV. It’s great if you are working remotely, you can charge your laptop, use your AC, or watch TV. You will also need a surge protector to protect your electric devices from electrical surges.

Power cord adapters

cord adapterTo ensure compatibility with regular power outlets, it’s wise to have your own power cord adapter. Most campsites have RV hookups that are 30 or 50 AMP but the adapter can be useful when you try to plug in at home or at a friend’s house.




fusesHaving spare fuses helps to rectify problems such as blown fuses that cause power devices to stop functioning. It happened to me that I couldn’t figure out why I can’t make the furnace work. Well, the fuse was broken. I am glad that I had a spare with me. It’s pretty cheap, for about $7 you can buy a whole box of them.

TV antenna coaxial cable

coaxial cableIn order to continue enjoying your TV shows while on the road, carry a TV antenna coaxial cable with you. In my adventures, most city, county, state parks did not offer cable hookups but some of the private RV Parks did. Although I am not going to camp to watch tv it is nice to have it when it is cold or rainy outside. The cable will allow you to hook up your TV.

Mobile hotspot

verizon mifi hotspotLet’s face it, life is not all fun, we do have to work sometimes. Most of the time I am able to use my cell phone service for the internet but I wanted to make sure I have a backup. I recommend two providers if you need to work online. If you need to work while you travel, it is best to invest in a mobile hotspot device. This will allow you to create a mobile WiFi connection for your devices. I personally have an AT&T truly unlimited plan with a hotspot device which I use for work and watching Netflix. My cellphone has an unlimited Verizon plan. 

Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester

happy campersHonestly, I hate these things. Unfortunately, you need them. I’ve tried multiple kinds but they all smell funky, are full of chemicals, and give me a headache. This green, holding tank waste digesterBIO-PACK says all-natural but there is no ingredients list, so I have no idea what’s in it. It is definitely saying not to be swallowed because it is toxic. Even though the restroom door is closed, you smell the deodorizers everywhere. I’ve been trying to find the one that is not so toxic, and after some research, I found the Happy Camper. They state that it is ORGANIC, and got very good reviews on Amazon. I just put it in my potty cassette and it does everything that others do without the strong artificial perfume smell. It is working pretty well.

cottonelleDo not forget the toilet paper! It has to be septic-safe. My favorite one is Cottonelle. I’ve been using this for years at home and I was happy to find out that it is septic-safe, so now I am using it on my RV.

Portable Radio &  Manual Charger

solar portable noaa radioEven though you can go camping without this, it is a great addition to a survival kit. Portable radios can be helpful when you spend countless hours on the road. Imagine not being aware of an upcoming storm and you get right in the middle of it. It is important to invest in a portable radio, especially a NOAA radio which provides weather alerts. I found this great little radio you can use to charge your cell phone; light to carry and I love to have it just in case. You can generate power by micro USB, hand crank it or use its solar panel.


4 thoughts on “10 Must Haves Before Your First RV Trip – Don’t Leave Without These!”

  1. I love your newsletter, I’m going solo camping myself, my deceased husband and I loved the outdoors, so now I’m going with his memory.
    I am looking to buy the same camper as you, and equipment.
    Thank You
    Fellow Soli Camper
    Gloria from Newport Beach CA

  2. Natalie in Reseda, CA

    After 21 years, I’ve decided to camp again. A dear friend sold me her 1957 Canned Ham, so now I’m modernizing it, and look forward to “Glamping” with my family and friends. Your tips are helping me avoid mistakes, so I’m very grateful. Thanks!?✌️

    1. I wish you the best of luck Natalie. I probably have to rewrite this article. After I’ve been RVing for over 5 years, my must haves definitelly changed. 🙂

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