15 Best Reasons To Live In An RV

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Why RV Life Is The BestHouses are great to leave in, but it is not for everyone, especially if you love to travel and see the world. With the RVing life, you can explore the world; live in different areas, work, and much more. Below are fifteen reasons you should choose the RV life.

Reasons to choose the RV life

  1. You can live anywhere you wish

If you are the kind of person who would love to spend your winter by the beach and your summer by the mountains, then the RV life is ideal. When you live in an RV, it means you can live anywhere your heart desires. As we know, the United States has many beautiful places to explore and live, which makes it hard just to pick one place to settle.

  1. It promotes being outdoors more

Having a large house, with three bathrooms each with separate baths can be amazing. But what an RV life offers is much more than that, as it promotes being outdoors as opposed to the big house that promotes binge-watching and sitting on your couch all day.

  1. You are able to follow the weather

Since you can pack your home wherever you would like, then you can easily follow the weather. Following the weather allows you to live in temperatures that are just perfect, that are not too hot or too cold.

  1. Your home is paid off

Your home is paid off and not living under a giant mortgage is a dream come true for many. Buy an RV that you can afford. That way the RV life, your home is immediately paid off, no worries the bank could repossess it if payments are not made on time.


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  1. Think of RV lifelike speed dating

The good thing about RV life is you are not tied down to one friend if you do not want to. It is like speed dating, now in friendship. You invite someone over for a drink or a cup of coffee and see how long you can stand him or her in the same place. Way less drama when you live the RV life.

  1. It teaches you to be tidy

In a big house having one dish out or a coffee mug in the sink is no big deal. However, when you are living in a 29-foot space, it will make the whole place look a mess. Therefore, once you are done with one dish you quickly clean up.

  1. Only 5 minutes to clean your home

As much as you need to keep your small space neat and tidy, the upside is, it will only take you five minutes to clean the entire house. If you are vacuuming, just add another minute to that.

  1. Moving has been made easier

If you get bored of the current area you are living in, you do not need to hire a moving company. Just unhook from the electricity and pull in the awning, as simple as that. Not forgetting you can move every day.

  1. You can work and travel

Who thought you could do both? When you think about money when traveling, it can be a scary thing for most, but the RV life accommodates it. Here is my article to find remote opportunities.

  1. It will help you downsize

If you choose the RV life, then you can only be a hoarder for so long. There is no space for you to accumulate things, so if this is a weakness you are dealing with, consider the RV life as it will tame you. It helps you own only the essential things.

  1. Food tastes much better

A meal accompanied by a beautiful view turns an ordinary meal into a fantastic one. It is all in having great views and a positive outlook towards life.

  1. You eat healthier meals

Since you are traveling, you might find the closest place to take a small break is by the river or just on the side of the road, thus, take-out places might be miles away. Therefore, your only option is whipping up a quick meal. With the RV life, you will end up spending less eating out.

  1. Remodeling your home is much easier

If you are thinking of remodeling and putting some sparkle into your home, all it takes is one can of paint. With one can you can quickly change the feel of your home. Whoever thought remodeling could be that easy.

  1. It teaches you to fix things

When things keep breaking down on the road, it can be very expensive to have a mechanic fix them. So your alternative is fixing it yourself, this is from adjusting your generator, flushing the radiator, and even checking the gauges.

  1. You value experiences more

It will teach you to value relationships over your work or your life experiences over your belongings. When we look at the core of it, this is what our lifestyle is all about.


RV life is not all about travel as you can grow as an individual and sharpen your life skills. Not forgetting interact with different people along the way, who give you a better perspective on life.

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