4 Accommodation Options During Your Road Trip

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Road Trip Hotel Options

The used to be a time when you booked your vacation, your only options for accommodation were hotels and villas. No one would complain about that, because that was the norm and we all went with it. Those accommodation types dominated the market and when you are booking your vacation, you want the simplest option for everyone to save time and aggravation.

The good thing about the times changing is that our options change, too. Our idea of vacation has upgraded to more long-haul and luxurious trips and we all head to the edges of the country to enjoy life. When you are booking your road trip, you need to make sure that you have your accommodation sorted for the nights where you stop. You’ll be driving for hours and you need to know you have a good night’s sleep ahead of you, whether this is Sea Ranch beach rentals or pulling up somewhere on the side of the road. With the four tips below, you can get to know four options for your road trip accommodation, giving you something to look forward to for your trip.


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  • Hostels. Best for solo travelers and budget travelers, hostels and motels are budget accommodations on the edge of the highway. However, don’t be put off by the word budget – cheap doesn’t mean dirty, it just means basic. You may not have a flat-screen TV, but you’ll still have a bed for the night and somewhere to shower after a long time on the road.
  • Apartments. Excellent for long term travel and families on the road, apartments give you a home away from home that offers you all of the creature comforts you’ll find in your own house while you’re away. It’s excellent for the extra space, too, as you often get more than one bedroom and entire living space. The bathroom is also full-sized, so you don’t have to worry about a tiny water closet that no one can share.
  • Chain Hotels. Always good for weekend breaks and luxury travel, road trippers who stay in the cities often like staying in larger chain hotels because of the fact they get a nice night in a comfortable hotel. It makes all the difference when you’re road tripping through cities, as you’re staying central and close to all the attractions. There’s also a minibar and often a whirlpool bath – luxury at its finest.
  • Guesthouses. Better for unique experiences, guesthouses can be anywhere on your trip and they can be small, budget-friendly and comfortable. Little B&Bs often offer breakfast and meals included in their rates, and you’ll always find knowledgeable and friendly locals who can talk to you about the places in the area that may be off the beaten track.

Don’t be afraid to explore new options for your accommodation – you don’t have to stay in a villa at EVERY holiday. 



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