6 Best Class C RV Layouts for Solo Living

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Winnebago 24D

Are you considering living in a motorhome and trying the full-time RV lifestyle? Are you scared to try it alone? Well, there is no need to be. There are thousands of solo travelers on the road. Throw your inhibitions and fears to the side and jump into RVing with both feet. Adventure awaits and you will not regret the decision.

What you will regret is getting the wrong RV. Especially if you are getting a huge loan. Most of us full-timers changed RVs once or twice. As we have been living in it, our needs change and we either upgrade to a bigger one or downgrade to a smaller one. You want to be comfortable and yet have an RV you can manage, and care for. There are a number of things to consider before you buy:

  • Water tank size: this is important especially if you plan on boondocking (fresh, gray and black water)
  • Do you plan to be in campgrounds or RV parks or boondock more?
  • Do you need more than one sleeping area for visitors or family to camp with you?
  • Do you like to have guests over?
  • How long is the RV you want to have? If you want to stay in campgrounds, they might have a length limit.
  • How much personal stuff you want to have with yourself? Do you need lots of storage?

In this article, I only focus on small, Class C type of motorhomes

In my opinion, Class B vans are too small for long-term living. You still want to have the comfort of home while you are in the middle of nowhere. Class A RVs are harder to navigate, they might be too big for you. Class C RVs can be perfect for your solo needs and usually cheaper than Class B or A RVs. Type C Motorhomes are easily recognizable by the over-the-cab area that is often an optional sleeping area.

There is no perfect RV for everyone! I have been full-timing for almost four years now and I noticed that we Solos have different needs when it comes to living in an RV.

I do a lot of boondocking but like to go to parks as well. These are the things I look for in an RV:

  • Have storage space enough for my personal stuff and camping equipment
  • Good size tanks so I can stay in one place for 2 weeks
  • A kitchen with some counter space
  • Some sitting area so a couple of people can come over and sit down comfortably
  • Extra bed for a guest so if a friend wants to join me, they will have their own space to sleep
  • Towing capacity so you can have an extra vehicle with you
  • Preferably enough space to lay down a yoga mat for some indoor exercise

If you are a solo RVer, the following options might work for you.

Winnebago View 24D

Winnebago View

This modern-looking, beautiful RV sleeps 4-6 people comfortably and features a nice bathroom with shower, over cab sleeping area, and a U-shaped dining area with a table. Sofa that turns to bed, kitchen area including a fridge, pantry, and microwave/convection oven. There is plenty of storage inside, a television, and footrests for the booth, and there is a slide to increase the living space.

Length 25.6 feet
MSRP $161.421
Trailer Hitch – Towing 5000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank  30 gallons
Black Water Tank 40 gallons
Gray Water Tank 34 gallons
LPG 13 gallons
Fuel Capacity 26.4 gallons – Diesel
Sleeps 4-6

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The Good:

  • Modern look with thoughtful features
  • It has plenty of living space
  • Both the driver’s seat and the passenger seat swivel around so it becomes part of the living area
  • Above cab bed which helps if you have guests to sleepover
  • The booth also turns to a bed or just comfortable sitting area with footrest
  • Nice kitchen with counter space, and a convection/microwave oven
  • Comes with 200W solar and 2000W inverter for boondocking

The Bad

  • It has a murphy bed which you have to make each day
  • Small freshwater tank
  • When the slides are in, the space is too tight to open the fridge and you cannot use the murphy bed
  • Not much storage outside
  • Mercedes chassis, more expensive than Chevy or Ford


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Coachmen Crosstrek 27XG

I chose this RV for its unique layout. It is a design by Coachmen. With the Cross Trek you get your bedroom in the back above the huge pass-through storage which is so big, you can fit bicycles and all your camping equipment in it. I love it!  There is a small bathroom with a sink and toilet, and the shower at the opposite end. You also get a  kitchen with a booth and also a couch. The RV does not have a generator, everything is powered by 12V battery power, a 3000W inverter, and the 330Amp hrs AGM batteries. It has an option for 190W solar setup on the roof and you can also plug in an additional solar panel on the side. It comes with a smart TV and a removable Bluetooth speaker. 

Length 29.6 feet
MSRP $99.120
Trailer Hitch – Towing 5000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank  60 gallons
Black Water Tank 31 gallons
Gray Water Tank 31 gallons
LPG 16 gallons
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons – Gasoline
Sleeps 4-5

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The Good:

  • Huge outside storage area
  • Good size booth and couch on the opposite side to have guests over
  • No slides; one less thing to break.
  • Single bed over the cab for sleepovers and jackknife sofa
  • Large water-holding tanks

The Bad

  • Solar is optional but it doesn’t really work if you don’t have it. You will need to have solar panels for added costs
  • No built-in generator – solar is not always suitable. What if the weather is not that sunny? 
  • It doesn’t look modern in the inside, its dated, boring look
  • Walking space is tight, you cannot even lay down a yoga mat
  • No oven, only microwave
  • Inside storage space is not great. There are no drawers in the kitchen area and only that under-bed closet is for your clothes. They could have increased inside storage space as well.


Dynamax Isata 24RB

Dynamax Isata 3 24RB

Dynamax Isata 3 24RBThis Dynamax delivers a beautiful, modern-looking motorhome for solo travelers with a queen drop-down bed and a rear bathroom. Why I like this layout is because the bed is out of your way all day and when you need it drops down over the dinette. This way the living space is larger and it is still considered a small 24 feet long RV. The kitchen is really nice with good counter space and storage, double sink, fridge, pantry, and a small stove. There is also a sofa and a dinette area where you can have guests over. The sofa also turns into a bed for sleepovers. The driver and passenger seat swivel and you can set up an optional table in between.

Length 27.4 feet
MSRP $105.593
Trailer Hitch – Towing 5000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank  35 gallons
Black Water Tank 32 gallons
Gray Water Tank 32 gallons
LPG 20.3 gallons
Fuel Capacity 26 gallons – Diesel
Sleeps up to 2-4

The Good:

  • Small RV with good living space because the bed stores away for the day and easy to set up
  • Very nice and useable kitchen
  • Good size living space, you can have guests over and guest sleepover
  • Solar panel and inverter is built-in – also have an on-board generator
  • Fiberglass (not rubber) roof
  • Full of amazing little high-tech details: Winegard antenna, solar panel, inverter, camera in front, etc.

The Bad:

  • Sadly not that much of storage for clothing inside
  • Dynamax RVs are on the expensive end. It has Mercedes chassis, which is more expensive than a Ford or Chevy
  • Climbing in and out of bed can be tiring especially during the night
  • Tight space, no space for a yoga mat

Coachmen Freelander 26DS

Coachmen Freelander

Freelander 29KB layoutI like Coachmen RVs since they have some nice layouts for solo RVing and they are not that expensive. Nothing new about this model, it has been on the market for a while. This one has a really nice layout for solos, even though the inside is not as modern as some other RVs, they look decent. This one has two slides to create a nice living space, a workable kitchen, good storage, and a bed over the cab for guests. 

Length 27.11 feet
MSRP $69.989
Trailer Hitch – Towing 5000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank  50 gallons
Black Water Tank 31 gallons
Gray Water Tank 31 gallons
LPG 16 gallons
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons
Sleeps 6-8


The Good:

  • Good storage inside and outside
  • Nice living space area with the slides out
  • Bed over the cab for a guest

The Bad

  • Without the slides out the space is tight and some parts of the RV is not accessible
  • Only microwave, no oven

Minnie Winnie 26T

Minnie Winnie 26T

Minnie Winnie LayoutThis Minnie Winnie has more than enough living space and sleeping room for solo RVers. You get your full bathroom with a shower as well as lots of storage space. The kitchen comes with a sink, stove, and fridge. You get a dinette and a sofa that turns to bed and of course there is the bed over the cab. The space is tight when the slides are in but when they are out, you have a nice space to even do your exercises inside.

Length 27.1 feet
MSRP $120.454
Trailer Hitch – Towing 7500 pounds
Fresh Water Tank  44 gallons
Black Water Tank 35 gallons
Gray Water Tank 39 gallons
LPG 18 gallons
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons
Sleeps 6

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The Good:

  • Water tank capacity is good
  • Plenty storage inside and out
  • Extra sleeping area for sleepovers

The Bad

  • Winnebago RVs are more expensive than other brands like Coachmen
  • With the slides in, the RV is not fully usable

Coachmen Orion T24RB

coachmen orion T24RB

coachmen orion T24RB layoutI personally own a Coachmen Orion, but that is a different layout. Looking at the models now, this one sticks out as one that is great for solo RVing. If you don’t have too much stuff that is… The bed is out of your way all day and you can lower it for the night. This way you get a larger living area, a rear bathroom, a usable kitchen. The sofa is a jackknife sofa, turns to a bed. This RV has similar layout than the Dynamax Isata above, just way cheaper because it is Ford. 

Length 24 feet
MSRP $71.000
Trailer Hitch – Towing 2000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank  28 gallons
Black Water Tank 32 gallons
Gray Water Tank 32 gallons
LPG 9.4 gallons
Fuel Capacity 25 gallons
Sleeps 2-4


The Good:

  • Small, manageable RV, easy to drive
  • Good living space, if the cab seats swivel, you can comfortably seat 6 people
  • The bed can be out of your way when you don’t need it

The Bad:

  • It might be difficult to get in and out of bed, especially during the night
  • Not much storage space for clothing inside
  • The fridge is on the smaller side, it might not be enough for two weeks
  • Towing capacity is not enough to tow a car
  • Small holding tanks

Do you know of a Class C RV layout that I have not mentioned here and do you think it would be great for SOLO RVers? 

Please let me know in the comments below and tell me why.

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  1. Hi. I just came across your blog and read about your experience with your Orion RV. We own a 2017 24RB Orion model, and like it very much. I can relate to some of the problems you have had. I have a blog of our experience over the last nearly four years of ownership if you care to look at it sometime.

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