5 Tips When You Are RVing With A Baby

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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RVing with baby

Many people give the excuse that their family is first, thus the reason they do not want to get on the road and travel. Family connection is very important, but what if you could all be on the road together? To make your RVing life easy, here are alternative ways you could incorporate your family, especially the little ones you would want to enjoy the experience. Make RVing with your family much easier, whether you have an infant or children on board.

Tips for RVing with your baby

Adopting a nomadic lifestyle with a baby can be a worrying Endeavour. You might be faced with the dilemma of how to fit your baby and the accompanying paraphernalia such as seats, furniture, and the crib in your small trailer. Not to worry, as the following tips will help you accommodate your newborn, who said the adventure has to stop.

In general, when you think of shopping for baby items or when deciding on what you should take home, try to think portable, small and collapsible.

  1. Babies are people too: it is possible to have a baby in your RV life; babies are human too, so why not have them enjoy RVing as much as you do.
  2. The Nursery: deciding on where the nursery will be is probably your first instinct, you start thinking you need to remove a few things to accommodate it and have all the items you saw in the catalog. However, you do not need all those items. For the nursery, place the changing pad on the bed, and it will work perfectly. Reshuffle your dresser, use one of the drawers or cabinets you have to accommodate baby clothes.


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  1. Consider breastfeeding: breastfeeding will eliminate the hustle of purchasing formula, mixing, refrigerating then later warming it up. Not forgetting washing and disinfecting the bottles. Same thing applies to baby food, just try to feed your baby directly from the table.
  1. The Baby Crib: as your RV has limited space, your baby’s crib does not have to be full sized. A collapsed travel bed can do the trick until your baby is old enough for their bed, this will help you in saving space. In addition, the travel bed can be quickly put away when you have guests over.
  1. A stroller is necessary: it is important that you get a good stroller, as it will be helpful when you want to go out with your baby. Get a stroller that will not be too cumbersome to put in the compartments under the trailer and has been designed with a removable covering; it will make it easier when you need to clean it.
  1. Get a High Chair: once your baby can eat at the table, it is recommended that you get a high chair that is small and very easy to clean. Ensure you can slide it under your table, like the ones you get at restaurants; it will save you a lot of space.

In general, when you think of shopping for baby items or when deciding on what you should take home, try to think portable, small and collapsible.

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