6 Great Gift Ideas For The RV Lover

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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gifts to buy to an RV Lover

People who live full-time in an RV are most likely minimalist. It is hard to buy them gifts. Most weekend RVer, however, do like special types of gifts. I am talking all things RV today, and more specifically, the 6 best gifts for the RV lover in your life. Here is some stuff I would love to have but for some of them I don’t have space for:



Rocking Chair

zero gravity chairYou can never have too many outdoor chairs, especially when you are the avid adventurer all throughout the year. That being said, some of the best outdoor chairs that you can gift to anyone are rocking chairs; Not only that, opting for zero gravity rocking chairs will take that gift to the next step. These chairs offer easy portability, along with the ultimate sense of relaxation from several different and easy to adjust positions. The fabric is also perfect for any outdoor conditions and can also be cleaned quite easily.

Portable Washing Machine

washer portable  What is the one problem that many individuals face when they are out on the road in their RV for an extended period of time? They don’t have enough time to stop and wash their clothes. Especially families where they need to do laundry each day! Plus, paying to use machines at the laundromat can really add up after a while. This is why this next gift is truly genius. We are looking at portable washing machines! These washing machines also feature a spin dryer and offer a more eco-friendly solution by using less water. They also hold up to about 8 or 9 pounds of clothing at a time, allowing you to still keep up with all of the dirty laundry while out on the open road.

Outdoor Wireless Speakers

outdoor speakerWhen you are out camping or enjoying time adventuring with the RV, one thing you truly can’t leave home without is music. It is something that helps us all to relax, and enjoy the surroundings that we are in with our family and friends. That is why one of the best gifts you can find for the RV adventurer in your life are a pair of outdoor wireless speakers. These speakers can be used indoors or out and can hook up with any Bluetooth connection to allow you to play the music that you love best. They also have a weatherproof design that will help to extend their life, while also enabling you to listen to music literally wherever you please.

Folding Bed Chair

folding bed chairAlthough many RVs nowadays are coming bigger and more equipped than ever, there are still some circumstances where there just isn’t enough space. This is where innovation and creativity come in, and why a great gift to give to someone for their RV is a folding bed chair. This folding bed chair is made with the softest memory foam for ultimate comfort, and also features 6 legs for extra stability while you sleep and relax. This chair also allows for space saving when not in use with its ability to compact and easy to fold mechanisms that are built in. Just use it as an ottoman when not in use!

Outdoor Fire Pit

Finally, when you are out camping, the one thing that you honestly can’t live without, even in your RV, is a campfire. Whether for cooking your meals, roasting marshmallows, or for gathering together to catch up, a fire is a necessity when you’re out in the wilderness, and why an outdoor fire pit is an outstanding choice for gifting to your RV adventurer. This outdoor fire pit offers a smokeless and clean burn, and is also lightweight for easy portability when out on the road. It can also be used in all types of weather, and will definitely stand the test of time with your camping crew.

There are so many options when it comes to adding the perfect appliances and furniture to your RV experience. Get yourself or your family/friends ready for the upcoming summer season with these amazing products that we have talked about today. They won’t believe what a wonderful gift they have been given, and you will rest easy knowing you have finally found the perfect gift-giving list for your adventurer.

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