7 Ways To Keep Your RV Safe

Last Updated on December 20, 2021

Over the years, RVs have evolved to the point where many can serve as a sufficient substitute for an actual home. And while this is great for those who are adventurous, it also adds another concern to the traveler’s list security.

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Just as with any home or vehicle, burglars often target RVs. The good news is, there are several things that RV owners can do in order to ensure that their trip is both safe and stress-free. Let’s take a moment to discuss five of the most important tips for keeping your RV safe.


Use a timer to keep the lights on when you are gone

motion-detector-lightOne of the biggest burglar repellents is lights. Thieves usually prefer to move around unseen and lighting makes this very difficult. So make sure that your RV is always equipped with great outside lighting. Even if you are planning an evening away from your vehicle, you could still invest in lights that feature automatic timers. In this way, your lights will always be on by dark and it will also give the appearance that someone is inside of the RV. There are even motion lights that work on solar energy.

Get a dog or fake it

home-safe-dog-alarmBurglars avoid RVs that have dogs. Not only could the dog possibly bite or attack, but they also draw a lot of attention when they bark. The noise acts as an alarm system.

Even if you are allergic to dogs or do not have time to take care of one properly, there are other options that you can exercise. For instance, you could place a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign on the outside of the vehicle. No, you may not have a dog, but the burglar cannot afford to take the chance.

You may also consider purchasing technology that mimics the presence of a dog. Much like the automatic timers for the lights, this technology is triggered whenever it senses someone’s presence. It automatically activates the bark of a dog. This is often enough to discourage the burglar.

Fake or real surveillance camera

cameraAnother popular form of security is surveillance cameras. These can be set up outside of your RV to ensure that the passerby understands that your vehicle is being monitored. And there are several models from which you can choose. Motion detector cameras enable the systems whenever it senses that someone is actually present. There are even some models which will send you texts if they sense that there may be a threat.

While you could spend a fortune on this equipment and pay a live security service for protection, you could also choose to use a fake surveillance camera. You see, burglars are often unable to tell when live filming is in progress. So they are more likely to avoid your vehicle altogether. It’s simply not worth taking the chance.

Change your factory locks

rv locksIt’s easy to assume that just because a door has a lock on it, that you are the only one who is able to enter. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are some burglars that manufacture master keys to certain RV models. This enables them to quickly enter into any vehicle of their choice without having to actually destroy any property. In the worst, you may not be able to ever tell that they were there until you notice that something is missing. And this is why many people change their factor locks. Consider switching out your key lock to one that is keyless.

And this is why many people change their factor locks. In fact, one of the best ways to keep your RV safe is to switch out your key lock to one that is keyless. This way, you will be able to decide on a unique code for it.

Don’t leave expensive items in plain sight

Though it may seem like a common-sense step, you may be surprised by how many people have their RV vandalized because of the valuable items that they leave out in plain sight. And it is quite easy too, especially if you are in a hurry or have gotten too comfortable with your surroundings. Burglars usually go for the property that is easier to take. They prefer to get in and out as quickly as possible. So it’s very important that you keep in mind that whenever you leave your property out in plain sight, it makes it very easy for burglars to quickly grab your belongings and run. This means that you should keep things like suitcases, phones, shopping bags, laptop accessories, and GPS devices are hidden away.

Use a good alarm

wireless-alarmYour RV is much more vulnerable to break-ins. Using a good wireless alarm that is easy to set up is a must. Full emergency monitoring tattletale comes with 30 days of free text and email alerts in addition to no contract police and fire monitoring with live, 24/7 operator access. Your tattletale is always on guard. Its fully chargeable battery backup means your tattletale is on, even if your power isn’t. Hot buttons keep your ‘high target’ areas protected even when tattletale is disarmed text & email alerts your tattletale will send text and email alerts to you and up to five other people every time the base unit is alerted. 

Leave expensive belongings somewhere safe

Are you always afraid that you may leave behind something that you really need? While it is very important that you bring along everything that you need to feel comfortable, it’s also important that you leave the things that you consider the most expensive somewhere safe. It’s not enough to simply equip your vehicle with alarm systems, you must also be mindful about what you carry along on the trip with you. It is a good idea to leave your most valuable belongings at home. Only carry the things that are absolutely necessary or that could be easily replaced, should you need to.

RVing can be stressful if you are not armed with the proper protection. Whether you have a luxury RV or a small one that you are renting, it is essential that you keep its safety in mind. If you are vigilant about following these tips, you do not have to be a victim. 


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