The Best Brands Of Travel Trailers

Last Updated on February 14, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

Travel trailers offer a compact, convenient, and economical way to travel with all the comforts of home.

Reputable Travel Trailer Brands:

  • Airstream: Iconic aluminum trailers are known for durability and timeless design.
  • Jayco: Innovative and solidly constructed trailers catering to various budgets.
  • Forest River: Diverse lineup offering different brands and models to meet diverse needs.
  • Oliver Trailers: High-quality fiberglass trailers customizable to individual preferences.
  • Winnebago: Known for motorhomes but also offers travel trailers with comfort and reliability.
  • Keystone: Innovative designs and spacious interiors catering to customer satisfaction.
  • Lance: Lightweight and compact trailers with quality materials and well-designed floor plans.
  • Grand Design: Focuses on quality, customer service, and customization options.

Travel trailers are compact, convenient, and come packed with all the amenities you would need while on the road. From comfortable sleeping quarters to compact kitchens, they are designed to make your travels as comfortable as possible. Moreover, travel trailers are economical and environmentally friendly compared to traditional forms of travel. Their compact size makes them easier to maneuver and park, making them a favorite among solo travelers and families alike. For those with a love for adventure and a desire for the comforts of home, choosing a travel trailer is a decision that combines the best of both worlds.

Travel trailers offer a range of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding if a travel trailer is the right choice for you:


  • Affordability: Travel trailers are generally more affordable compared to motorhomes or other RV types. They typically have a lower purchase price and may offer cost savings in terms of maintenance, insurance, and fuel consumption.
  • Towability: Travel trailers can be towed by a variety of vehicles, such as trucks or SUVs. This provides flexibility and allows owners to use their existing vehicles or choose a towing vehicle that suits their needs.
  • Separable: Unlike motorhomes, travel trailers offer the advantage of being separable from the towing vehicle. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can unhitch the trailer and use your vehicle independently to explore the surroundings or run errands.
  • Floor Plan Options: Travel trailers come in a wide range of sizes and floor plans, accommodating various needs and preferences. You can find models suitable for solo travelers, couples, families, or larger groups. The customizable interior allows you to create a living space tailored to your liking.
  • Versatility: Travel trailers offer versatility in usage. They can be used for short getaways, long road trips, or even as temporary or permanent living spaces. Their adaptability makes them suitable for different lifestyles and needs.


  • Need for Towing Vehicle: Owning a travel trailer requires a compatible towing vehicle, which adds to the overall cost. If you don’t already have a suitable vehicle, you’ll need to factor in the expense of purchasing one.
  • Towing Skill and Limitations: Towing a travel trailer requires some skill and experience. Maneuvering, backing up, and navigating certain terrains can be challenging, especially for new owners. Additionally, the towing capacity of your vehicle will determine the size and weight limit of the trailer you can safely tow.
  • Setup and Leveling: Travel trailers typically require leveling and setup at each campsite. This process involves stabilizing the trailer, connecting utilities, and adjusting leveling jacks. It can be time-consuming and requires some physical effort.
  • Storage Space: While travel trailers provide living space, they may have limited storage capacity compared to motorhomes. Careful planning and organization are necessary to make the most of the available storage.
  • Maintenance: Like any RV, travel trailers require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition. This includes servicing the towing vehicle, inspecting the trailer’s systems, and addressing any repairs or maintenance needs that may arise.

If you’ve decided that travel trailers are for you, there are several reputable brands that have built a strong reputation based on their exceptional quality, masterful craftsmanship, and their commitment to customer satisfaction. These brands have become the epitome of excellence in the industry, setting the bar high for others to follow. Here, we present to you a carefully curated list of some of the absolute best brands that have captured the hearts and imagination of countless adventure seekers around the globe:



One of the most iconic and enduring brands is Airstream. Airstream has built a name for itself with its sleek aluminum travel trailers that boast timeless design and unparalleled durability. Their trailers are not only visually striking but are also known for their longevity, making them a popular choice among travel enthusiasts. With a variety of layouts, features, and customization options, there’s an Airstream model to suit anyone’s needs. From weekend getaways in the great outdoors to long-term road trips across the country, an Airstream allows you to take your home—or hotel room—on the road. Whether it’s outfitted with all of the creature comforts of home or kept simple and rustic, an Airstream can be a great way to explore the open road.

When it comes to maintenance and repair, Airstream provides some of the best customer service in the RV industry. Their team of experienced technicians is available to help you keep your trailer in top condition for years to come. Not only do they offer repairs and maintenance, but they also provide a wide range of parts, accessories, and upgrades that will ensure your Airstream is equipped to meet all of your needs. Additionally, their team of travel experts is always available to answer questions and help you plan the perfect trip.


Jayco - Jay Flight SLX

Jayco is another well-regarded brand that offers a wide selection of travel trailers in different price ranges. Known for their innovation and solid construction, Jayco trailers are designed to cater to various budget constraints and meet the diverse needs of travelers. Additionally, customers can expect excellent after-sales customer service as Jayco prides itself on providing support to its customer base. In addition, to travel trailers, Jayco also offers a variety of fifth wheels and motorhomes that are perfect for those looking to hit the open road in style. With their cutting-edge designs and top-of-the-line features, these vehicles will provide all the comforts of home as you explore different destinations. Whether it’s your first time hitting the road or you’re a seasoned traveler, Jayco’s line of trailers and motorhomes are sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

Jayco also sets itself apart from the competition with its commitment to sustainability. The company has numerous green initiatives in place such as their recycling program which helps reduce waste and conserve energy. Jayco also uses renewable resources when constructing their vehicles, ensuring that their products are eco-friendly. With a strong focus on sustainability, Jayco is helping to ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

Forest River


Forest River, as one of the largest manufacturers of RVs, including travel trailers, has established a strong presence in the market. The company offers a diverse lineup of brands, such as Rockwood, Flagstaff, and Salem, each offering a variety of floor plans and amenities, ensuring that potential buyers can find a travel trailer that suits their specific preferences and requirements. The company also offers a wide range of sizes and models, from small and lightweight to large and luxurious. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway vehicle or a full-time travel trailer that can stay on the road for an extended period of time, Forest River offers something to meet your needs.

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In addition to providing a variety of RVs and travel trailers, Forest River also offers customers a variety of services and support. The company provides financing options to help make purchasing an RV easier and more accessible. They also have a dedicated customer service team that is available to answer questions and provide assistance regarding maintenance, repairs, warranties, parts, and accessories.

Oliver Trailers


For those seeking high-quality fiberglass trailers, Oliver Travel Trailers is a notable brand. Renowned for their durability, insulation, and meticulous attention to detail, Oliver Travel Trailers is dedicated to producing exceptional trailers that provide a comfortable and reliable travel experience. In addition to the noted features of their trailers, Oliver Travel Trailers also offers a wide variety of customizable options so that customers can purchase a trailer tailored specifically to their needs. From towable models to tent trailers, no matter what type of adventure you are looking for, Oliver Travel Trailers has the perfect trailer for you. Whether you’re spending your weekend in the woods or touring across the country, Oliver Travel Trailers provide a reliable travel experience that you can trust. With their advanced construction and customization options, customers can rest assured they are getting a quality trailer that will last for many years to come. If you’re in the market for a travel trailer, look no further than Oliver Travel Trailers – the choice of outdoor adventurers everywhere.



While Winnebago is commonly associated with motorhomes, they also manufacture travel trailers that deserve recognition. Winnebago offers a range of models, each with its own unique floor plans and features, combining comfort and reliability in one package. This versatility ensures that potential buyers can find a Winnebago travel trailer that meets their individual needs. With its solid construction, quality materials, and modern amenities, a Winnebago travel trailer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get out on the open road.

In addition to traditional travel trailers, Winnebago also offers several fifth-wheel models which offer more living space than traditional trailers. These models are perfect for families who want room to spread out and enjoy the outdoors. With comfortable beds, roomy kitchens, and plenty of storage space, Winnebago’s fifth-wheel models provide a fantastic home away from home for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors.

For those on a budget, Winnebago also offers several lightweight travel trailers that make traveling easier than ever before. These models are designed to be towed by smaller vehicles, so you don’t need to invest in a large truck to get out and see the country. Lightweight travel trailers from Winnebago are perfect for those who love going off-the-beaten-path while still having all the comforts of home.



Keystone RV is another brand that deserves mention. Known for its innovative designs and spacious interiors, Keystone produces travel trailers under different brand names, such as Cougar, Bullet, and Outback. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Keystone RV consistently delivers trailers that provide exceptional comfort and functionality. From luxurious fifth wheels to lightweight, efficient trailers, Keystone RV has something for every camper. For added convenience, many of its models come loaded with features like exterior LED lighting, extra storage compartments, and an enclosed underbelly. With all the comforts of home in a compact package, Keystone RVs are sure to please any camping enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for a luxury getaway or a rugged adventure, Keystone has the perfect camper for you.


Lance 1475 Travel Trailer

Lance is a brand respected for its lightweight and compact travel trailers. Known for their usage of quality materials and well-designed floor plans, Lance trailers offer a suitable option for both couples and families, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their travel adventures without compromising on comfort. From the well-equipped galley kitchens to the cozy sleeping quarters, these trailers come equipped with all the amenities a traveler could need. Whether you’re traveling solo or with company, Lance has an RV trailer for your vacation needs. Plus, with additional features like solar power and LED lighting packages, you can ensure you’ll always stay connected to the comforts of home even while you’re on the road. The possibilities with a Lance travel trailer are endless—all you need to do is hit the open road and find your adventure.

For those looking for something even more convenient, try out a Lance towable camper. These camping companions provide all the convenience of a larger RV but with a smaller footprint, allowing you to easily tow them wherever your heart desires. With plenty of storage options and comfortable sleeping arrangements, these towable campers offer an even more lightweight and convenient way to explore the great outdoors.

Grand Design


Grand Design RV sets itself apart with its commitment to quality and customer service. Offering well-built, feature-rich travel trailers, Grand Design provides an array of options for customization, allowing buyers to personalize their trailer according to their specific preferences and travel needs. Grand Design’s travel trailer models boast spacious, well-designed floor plans, residential interior appointments, and versatile furnishings that make the most of limited space. Furniture options are abundant and there are many ways to customize the look and feel of each model. With an emphasis on lightweight construction, easy set up, and towability, these trailers provide plenty of storage for all your gear and offer superior maneuverability on the road. Plus, Grand Design backs all of their RV products with a 3-year limited warranty for peace of mind.


In conclusion, the travel trailer industry boasts a wide array of reputable brands, each offering a distinct combination of quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Whether you prioritize iconic design, solid construction, or innovative features, there is a travel trailer brand out there that can cater to your unique desires and ensure an unforgettable travel experience.

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