Canadian RV Road Trips That Are Worth Your Attention

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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So, where to for your next road trip?

We have covered some magnificent places so far on this blog, including road-tripping ideas around California, Illinois, and Yellowstone, to name but a few.

But how about going over the American border and into Canada? The next time you’re preparing for a road trip, consider the possibility, as the following are just a couple of the road trips worth your attention.

vernon to vancouver

1: Vernon to Vancouver

A five-day road trip in theory, although there are plenty of sights to see along the way, so you might well double your journey.

You might want to start your trip at the wonderful Silver Star Motel if you’re looking for accommodation in Vernon, BC away from your RV, as you will have the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of hotel luxury before your adventure begins. That being said, there are plenty of camping grounds in the area if you can’t bear to be away from your vehicle. 

Be sure to spend a day in the town visiting the quaint stores and mingling with the townsfolk, and check out the local provincial parks if you want a taste of the area’s scenic beauty. 

It’s worth stopping over at Kelowna on your second day, as there are fabulous gardens to explore, museums to visit, and the magnificent Okanagan Lake to rest beside or dip into for a swim and a paddle. Check out these local camping grounds if you’re staying the night. 

There is over an hour’s drive to your next stopping point, Osoyoos, but it’s worth it for the wineries alone that are worth your time if you fancy a tipple. Spend the day there and then park up in your RV at a lakeside campground and spend the night, as you will need the rest before taking the 3 hours + trip to Harrison Hot Springs the next day, a place of real scenic beauty set against the sandy beaches of Harrison Lake. Spend your time in the area canoeing, hiking, or simply relaxing, and then complete your journey the next day with a slow drive to Vancouver, taking in the lush beauty of the farmlands on your way.

There are more details in this itinerary for the journey, so have a look and mark off your highlights. 

Calgary to Lake Louise

2: Round trip for Calgary to Lake Louise

This is another popular route for Canadian road trippers, and it will apparently take you around 3 days to complete.

There are plenty of camping grounds in and around the city of Calgary so take your pick, and then spend time exploring this once Olympic city. Highlights include the site of the Olympic games, of course, but there are also museums to visit, zoos to explore, and the world-famous 10-day rodeo delights of the Calgary Stampede if you time your journey correctly (3-20 July).

It’s a couple of hours from Calgary to Lake Louise, and you will be blessed with the crystal blue water of the lake when you get there. Park up your RV and spend the day relaxing by the water, before spending the night and taking the 40-minute drive the next day to Banff Springs. Check out the National Park after parking up your RV , then take a local hike, bathe in the hot springs, and enjoy some of these outdoor activities while you’re there. 

There is much to do around Banff Springs, so spend as much time as you can exploring. And then, if you so choose, make the return journey to Calvary taking in the beauty of the Canadian Rockies on the way. Mission complete!

We hope you found our suggestions useful, but let us know about your ideas for a Canadian road trip too!





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