Dynamax With King Bed Layout

There are not that many Class C RVs come with a king bed because they require length. Usually these are the longest Class C RVs or Super Cs. A Super C is an RV placed on a freightliner instead of a smaller truck bed. These Super Cs are usually more expensive and longer with more towing capacity than most normal Class C RVs. After some research, here are the class Cs and Super Cs with king bed floor plans I found: 

Coachmen Freelander 29KB

Length30.5 feet
Trailer Hitch – Towing5000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 48 gallons
Black Water Tank31 gallons
Gray Water Tank34 gallons
LPG40 gallons
Fuel Capacity55 gallons – Gasoline
Sleepsup to 7

I personally own a Coachmen RV, the Orion, which is their smallest Class C. I was surprised to learn that they have a larger Freelander, just a bit over 30 feet long with king bed. The 29KB has a gasoline engine and 5000 lbs. towing capacity.

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Metal Carport For RV

Thor Chateau 27R

Length29 feet
Trailer Hitch – Towing8000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 40 gallons
Black Water Tank34.5 gallons
Gray Water Tank37 gallons
LPG40.9 gallons
Fuel Capacity55 gallons – Gasoline
Sleepsup to 7

Thor owns many well-known RV brands, including Airstream, Coachmen, and Jayco. The Chateau 27R and Four Winds 27R are the same RV made for different dealerships. Both are 29 feet long. Thor has another, longer RV with king bed, the Quantum KW29. The manufacturer also has Super C RVs, the Magnitude with different king-bed-layouts.

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Jayco Greyhawk 27U 

Length29.11 feet
Trailer Hitch – Towing7500 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 42.5 gallons
Black Water Tank41 gallons
Gray Water Tank31 gallons
LPG56 gallons
Fuel Capacity55 gallons
Sleepsup to 8

Another Class C with king bed is Jayco’s Greyhawk 27U. This RV is under 30 feet with 7500 lbs towing capacity. If you are looking for a shorter RV with king bed, the Greyhawk might be a great choice for you. Jayco also have another RV with king bed, a super C, called Seneca.

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Dynamax Isata 5 36DS

Length36.5 feet
Trailer Hitch – Towing10000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 95 gallons
Black Water Tank45 gallons
Gray Water Tank45 gallons
LPG40.9 gallons
Fuel Capacity52 gallons – Diesel
Sleepsup to 8

The Dynamax Isata 5 Series Class C Motorhome is 36.5 long with a king bed. It is one of the more luxurious models and this shows in its price. With a 10000 towing capacity you can pull pretty much any car behind. 

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Dynamax Force HD 34KD

Length36.7 feet
Trailer Hitch – Towing20000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 94 gallons
Black Water Tank52 gallons
Gray Water Tank52 gallons
LPG20.3 gallons
Fuel Capacity100 gallons – Diesel
Sleepsup to 8

I’ve already mentioned the Dynamax Isata 5 above and here is Dynamax’s Force as well. This is called a Super C with king bed layout. The 34KD, 37BH, 37TS all three have king beds, but I picked the shortest model, the 34KD for my comparison. 

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Comparison Table

 Coachmen Freelander 29KBThor Chateau 27REntegra Esteem 26DJayco Greyhawk 27UDynamax Isata 5 36DSDynamax Explore Force 34KD
Length:39.5 feet29 feet28.8 feet29.11 feet36.5 feet36.7 feet
Towing:5000 lbs8000 lbs7500 lbs7500 lbs10000 lbs20000 lbs
Fresh:48 gallons40 gallons47 gallons42.5 gallons95 gallons94 gallons
Black:31 gallons34.5 gallons32 gallons41 gallons45 gallons52 gallons
Gray:34 gallons37 gallons41 gallons31 gallons45 gallons52 gallons
LPG:40 gallons55 gallons41 gallons56 gallons40.9 gallons20.3 gallons
Fuel:55 gallons80 gallons55 gallons55 gallons52 gallons100 gallons
Sleeps:up to 7up to 7up to 7up to 7up to 8up to 8