Class C RVs With King Bed Floorplan – Comparison 2023

Last Updated on July 7, 2023

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Dynamax With King Bed Layout

There’s just something about a Class C RV with a king bed floorplan that feels luxurious and spacious. If you’re in the market for one of these RVs, be sure to check out our comparison of the 2023 models. You might be surprised at how different they are! Regardless of which one you choose, you’re sure to enjoy your travels in style. So pack up your bags and get ready for some fun!

There are not that many Class C RVs that come with a king bed because they require length. Usually, these are the longest Class C RVs or Super Cs. A Super C is an RV placed on a Freightliner instead of a smaller truck bed. These Super Cs are usually more expensive and longer with more towing capacity than most normal Class C RVs.

However, a Class C RV with a king bed offers a lot of space to its occupants. This is the perfect floorplan for those who want to bring along oversized cargo or additional passengers because it will easily accommodate them without sacrificing comfort. You’ll be able to stretch out and relax at the end of the day!

We took the liberty to do some research, and here’s a list of the class Cs and Super Cs with king-bed floor plans to make your search easier.


Coachmen Freelander 29KB

Coachmen Freelander

I personally own a Coachmen Leprechaun now and that has a queen-sized bed. I was surprised to learn that they have a larger Freelander, just a bit over 30 feet long with king bed. The 29KB has a gasoline engine and 5000 lbs. towing capacity.

The Coachmen Freelander 29KB offers a king-sized bed and plenty of features for a comfortable camping experience. At 30.5 feet in length, it’s just the right size to take on your favorite campsites. You’ll appreciate the 5000 lb towing capacity when you bring along your toys, and with 40 gallons of LPG capacity, you’ll have plenty of power to run all your appliances.

The 48-gallon freshwater tank will keep you hydrated during long trips, and with 34 gallons of Gray and Blackwater storage, you’ll be able to stay clean and refreshed as well. This model sleeps up to 7 people, so you can bring the whole family along on your next outdoor adventure.

Length 30.5 feet
MSRP $132,520
Trailer Hitch – Towing 5000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 48 gallons
Black Water Tank 31 gallons
Gray Water Tank 34 gallons
LPG 40 gallons
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons – Gasoline
Sleeps up to 7

Freelander 29KB layout

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Thor Chateau 27R

Chateau RV

Thor owns many well-known RV brands, including Airstream, Coachmen, and Jayco. The Chateau 27R and Four Winds 27R are the same RV made for different dealerships. Both are 29 feet long. Thor has another, longer RV with king bed, the Quantum KW29. The manufacturer also has Super C RVs, the Magnitude with different king-bed-layouts.

The Thor Chateau 27R is the perfect size for a family who needs more room but appreciates simplicity. It can sleep up to seven people and tows a lot, carrying 800 pounds.

This RV has a dual freshwater tank that stores 40 gallons of supply and gray water tanks that hold 37 gallons each. If you do have an emergency sleeping situation unfold while on the go, this trailer also has 60 liters of LP gas so it’s nearly ready for anything!

Be prepared but stay comfortable with the Thor Chateau 27R from Coachmen! There’s no wonder why people get excited when they see a Thor Chateau. It’s a beautiful RV with fantastic features to make any road trip an unforgettable experience! If you have the extra budget for this quality, you will not regret it!

Length 29 feet
MSRP $142,650
Trailer Hitch – Towing 8000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 40 gallons
Black Water Tank 34.5 gallons
Gray Water Tank 37 gallons
LPG 40.9 gallons
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons – Gasoline
Sleeps up to 7

Thor Chateau 27R Floorplan

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Entegra Esteem 27U

Entegra Esteem King

The Entegra Esteem has different models and the 27U has a king bed. Make it your own: the new 2023 interior design options include solid-surface countertops to pair style with its many technological upgrades. For those who need lots of cooling power in the winter, Esteem is one of the very few 30-amp coaches with the option for two A/Cs.

The Entegra Esteem 27U has a king bed and four A/C options for those who need to cool the cabin in the summer. The design includes solid-surface countertops and many other technological upgrades. With an impressive MSRP of $161,073, it is a great value for those searching for a high-quality motorhome with a king bed.

With the ability to sleep up to eight people, one king-sized bed in the master bedroom, and all the luxurious amenities you would expect from a top-of-the-line coach, this is an excellent option for RVers looking to upgrade to something larger than what they are currently driving.

One of the best things I like about 27U is that it has three TVs for those who love to watch TV while on the road. It’s a perfect RV for entertaining friends and family with all the amenities it offers.

Length 29.11 feet
MSRP $161,073
Trailer Hitch – Towing 7500 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 42.5 gallons
Black Water Tank 31 gallons
Gray Water Tank 41 gallons
LPG 56 gallons
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons
Sleeps up to 8

Entegra Esteem King

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Jayco Greyhawk 27U

Jayco Greyhawk 27U

Another Class C with a king bed is Jayco’s Greyhawk 27U. This RV is under 30 feet with 7500 lbs towing capacity. If you are looking for a shorter RV with a king bed, the Greyhawk might be a great choice for you. Jayco also has another RV with a king bed, a super C, called Seneca.

The Jayco Greyhawk 27U is a Class C motorhome perfect for those who want a king bed. This RV is just under 30 feet in length and has a towing capacity of 7500 pounds, making it easy to take on the road.

It also features a 42-gallon fresh water tank, 31-gallon black water tank, 41-gallon gray water tank, and 56-gallon LPG tank. With accommodations for up to 8 people, the Greyhawk 27U is perfect for couples or small families.

One of the best things about the Greyhawk is how economical it is. It can save you thousands of dollars when compared to other Class C motorhomes that have the same features.

The Greyhawk is designed with comfort in mind, making your RVing experience an unforgettable one. The heated and enclosed underbelly ensures that you are able to enjoy camping during cool weather while still being protected from the cold.

The Greyhawk is a 27-foot RV that provides you with everything you need for an amazing camping experience. If you are looking for a new Class C motorhome, check out the Greyhawk and see if it’s what you have been searching for!

Length 29.11 feet
MSRP $140,168
Trailer Hitch – Towing 7500 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 42 gallons
Black Water Tank 31 gallons
Gray Water Tank 41 gallons
LPG 56 gallons
Fuel Capacity 55 gallons
Sleeps up to 8

Jayco Greyhawk 27U layout

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Dynamax Isata 5 36DS

Dynamax Isata 5 King Bed

The Dynamax Isata 5 Series Class C Motorhome is 36.5 long with a king bed. It is one of the more luxurious models and this shows in its price. With a 10000 towing capacity you can pull pretty much any car behind.

The Dynamax Isata 5 36DS is a Class C Motorhome that is sure to make your camping experience luxurious. This model comes with a king bed, as well as plenty of other features like a 10000-pound towing capacity. With 95 gallons of fresh water, 45 gallons of black and gray water, and 40.9 gallons of LPG, you’ll be able to travel far and wide without having to worry about running out of supplies.

You can also sleep up to eight passengers in the Dynamax Isata 5, which means you won’t have to cut your trip short just because you want to bring along some friends. Many of the available floor plans include a full-size refrigerator, three burner stovetop, and oven. For entertainment, there is also an AM/FM radio with a CD player and MP3 input jack.

Length 36.5 feet
MSRP $249,616
Trailer Hitch – Towing 10000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 95 gallons
Black Water Tank 45 gallons
Gray Water Tank 45 gallons
LPG 40.9 gallons
Fuel Capacity 52 gallons – Diesel
Sleeps up to 8

Coachmen Freelander 29kb floorplan

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Dynamax Force HD 34KD

Dynamax Force Super C

I’ve already mentioned the Dynamax Isata 5 above and here is Dynamax’s Force as well. This is called a Super C with king bed layout. The 34KD, 37BH, 37TS all three have king beds, but I picked the shortest model, the 34KD for my comparison.

Dynamax’s Force 34KD is a Super C RV with a king-bed layout. At 36.7 feet long, this RV sleeps up to 8 and has a towing capacity of 20,000 pounds. It features a 94-gallon freshwater tank, 52-gallon black water tank, 52-gallon gray water tank, and 20.3 gallons of LP gas. With a fuel capacity of 100 gallons, you can travel far and wide in this reliable RV.

When going out for a camping trip, there are many things to consider. If you’re looking for power and performance, this Class C RV with a king bed layout is the perfect pick for you. Not only does this RV come with features that can help you cook, clean, and sleep comfortably while on the road; It also comes with an abundance of power to ensure safe travels.

Dynamax RVs come with the Dynamax e3 driving system, which has been developed to assist drivers during hill climbs and descents. With this technology, your RV will handle like an SUV and even includes self-leveling on some models.

The best part? Dynamax RVs have a two-year warranty, including the Dynamax e3 system.

Length 36.7 feet
MSRP $325,286
Trailer Hitch – Towing 20000 pounds
Fresh Water Tank 94 gallons
Black Water Tank 52 gallons
Gray Water Tank 52 gallons
LPG 20.3 gallons
Fuel Capacity 100 gallons – Diesel
Sleeps up to 8

Coachmen Freelander 29kb floorplan

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Comparison Table

  Coachmen Freelander 29KB Thor Chateau 27R Entegra Esteem 27U Jayco Greyhawk 27U Dynamax Isata 5 36DS Dynamax Explore Force 34KD
Length: 39.5 feet 29 feet 29.11 feet 29.11 feet 36.5 feet 36.7 feet
MSRP: $132,520 $142,650 $161,073 $140,168 $249,616 $325,286
Towing: 5000 lbs 8000 lbs 7500 lbs 7500 lbs 10000 lbs 20000 lbs
Fresh: 48 gallons 40 gallons 42.5 gallons 42 gallons 95 gallons 94 gallons
Black: 31 gallons 34.5 gallons 31 gallons 31 gallons 45 gallons 52 gallons
Gray: 34 gallons 37 gallons 41 gallons 41 gallons 45 gallons 52 gallons
LPG: 40 gallons 55 gallons 41 gallons 56 gallons 40.9 gallons 20.3 gallons
Fuel: 55 gallons 80 gallons 55 gallons 55 gallons 52 gallons 100 gallons
Sleeps: up to 7 up to 7 up to 8 up to 7 up to 8 up to 8

How to Maintain Your Class C and Super C RV to Last Longer

By now, you know that proper maintenance is essential to keeping your Class C or Super C RV working properly.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle. Remember, each company uses different equipment with varying levels of quality. If they tell you to go to a certain mechanic or use specific parts, it’s best to do so.

On the other hand, you should also be aware of how RVs are different than regular vehicles before taking your motorhome out on the road for the first time. For example, some parts that don’t need frequent maintenance in an automobile need more attention in an RV.

For example, your generator might need a new belt from time to time or your air conditioner compressor may have to be serviced more frequently if the RVs sit for a long period of time without being used.

It’s also important to keep track of how you use and maintain your motorhome and its components. Overall, it’s good to be mindful of the conditions your RV is in when you use it so that you can know if something needs to be repaired or replaced.

In addition, remember to have a professional inspect your motorhome every year before going out on any trips, especially long ones. Even if everything was working perfectly the last time you used your Class C or Super C, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong.

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