Confession Of A Solo Full-Timer

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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I have been living the small RV lifestyle for almost a year and I love it. When I talk to my old friends about it, the ones who are living a “normal lifestyle”, they cannot imagine living in an RV and travel all the time. This lifestyle is definitely not for everyone. I believe, if more people would try it for a while, people would see how much freedom this lifestyle has to offer – more people would choose it. Life should not be about working 9 to 5 in an office what you do not like, for things that you do not really need.


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Just like a bird who lives in a cage all his life. If you would ask this bird if he wanted to leave the cage and fly around outside, the bird might tell you that he wouldn’t. Why would he? He has food, water, safe and protected in the cage. However, if you let this bird outside, he would be able to see how life is outside of the cage. I doubt that that bird would want to come back living in the cage full-time again. I think this is how it is in real life. Judging it without trying and thinking this lifestyle is not for them.


I have to admit; living solo and traveling alone can be lonely sometimes. Even if you are an introvert, after a few days of traveling and being alone can be depressing. You need to make sure that you have some kinds of social activity each week. I’m a very outgoing person, so for me, this part was particularly difficult. In RV parks people are nicer, friendly and more laid back, it is still hard to make lasting and deep connections. The older I get, quality is more important to me than quantity.


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Quartzsite Convergence 2017 Xscapers nightly fireThanks to the Xscapers, after a few months of traveling finally I got to meet some awesome single people with the same mindset. Xscapers is geared towards a younger, working-age crowd, and they do have rallies occasionally. The club is only 2 years old, it grew out of the Escapees club which is mainly for the older, retired crowd. The retired full-timer has many opportunities to choose from but I did not find anything for the younger people before the Xscapers. It is a fact that there are more and more young people, millennials are living the RV lifestyle. I believe this group will be even more successful in the future and will organize more events as we grow. I still have to add that even the Xscapers are mostly couples. I met a few single full-timers at the last Convergence in Quartzsite. It was fun to talk about issues that others understand. We are going through the same ups and downs. A solo full-timer has difficulties that couples don’t have. We have to do everything ourselves. This lifestyle is making you very independent. We have created a Facebook Group for Solo full-timers under the age of 60. If you are one of us, please join us!

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