Emma Wood State Beach – RV Site Review – The Good, Bad & Ugly

Last Updated on December 20, 2021

Address: Pacific Coast Hwy, Ventura, CA 93001

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I spent a few nights here two different times in March, during the week. It’s one of the most primitive State Parks I’ve seen in Southern California. All spots are on the beach, very close to the water which is a little bit below your RV. The campground was pretty empty only a few spots were taken. The second time I was here, the park was way more occupied, it was spring break. 

This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE park, which I like. I really don’t like ReserveAmerica because they charge $8 above your reservation fees and I try to avoid them.

The Good:

  • You are right on the beach
  • There is a long bike trail by the park that goes to Ventura or up North.
  • You can see lots of wildlife, sea lions, dolphins or even whales

The Bad:

  • Bring cash, they do not accept credit cards! It’s $40/night 
  • There are no facilities or hookups.
  • The spots are close together, can get pretty crowded
  • There is no guard at the gate after sunset so anyone can drive or walk-in.
  • The campground is right by the train tracks. This really doesn’t bother me and it won’t bother you too if you bring earplugs. I love the sound of trains. 
  • You will also hear the Ocean pretty loud since you are parking right next to it. 

The ugly

  • There is no security at night. There are lots of sketchy looking people in the area.
  • I was warned not to leave valuables outside because it might get stolen.

Maybe it is different when there are more people are in the campground but it felt a little spooky.  I am really wondering what the $40 is for, at least they could have some sort of security.  You are basically paying for a beach parking lot. 


My Sprint reception was 3G but my Verizon MiFi was super fast. AT&T Works but only closer to the entrance. 

Will I be back?

I think so 🙂


No, thanks!