How Do I Exercise In My Small RV When The Weather Is Bad?

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Exercising in my small rv


I’ve been full-timing in an RV for almost two years. RVs provide wide-open space for unlimited exploration, but it also becomes your compact home. Saving space is essential for daily activities. And when the weather doesn’t permit, or you simply want to stay in the comfort of your RV you need to be creative when it comes to exercising since space is very limited. I, for example don’t have enough floor space to put down a yoga mat, so most my exercising will be on the bed.

Creating the perfect amount of space and having the correct size equipment for your RV can help you get a proper workout. Like most RVs, space is a luxury, but clever owners find ways to make room. Fold away tables, as ensuring there are enough storage units can create a clutter-free instant gym. Your next step is to find easily storable and size-appropriate equipment.

  small weightsFree weights are not only versatile, they can also be tucked away when not in use. You only need small weights like a set of neoprene dumbbells to give you enough strength training while limiting your range of motion. Use them to do squats, bicep and triceps curls, wrist and arm lifts, and more. They come with 2lbs, 3lbs, and 5lbs weights, so they fit any exercise and anyone’s workout routine. A weight stand is included to keep your weights accounted for and secure during travel.

Strength and endurance

mini exercise bikeIf you are in need of strength and endurance training then a stationary mini exercise bike serves both purposes.  I have one of these which I use on days when I don’t get to go outside. I am just watching TV sitting while biking. You also can use this compact machine to exercise your legs or arms in small narrow rooms or even in your RV walkway. The top handle makes it easy and light to carry to find the perfect spot to cycle. Then use the safety straps to secure your feet or hands. Adjust the tension between 8 settings to either get a longer cardo workout or a short burst of strength training. Watch the LCD screen as it indicates your calories burned and distance achieved. When you are done the small bike is designed to be tucked under a bed or inside a closet.


mini ellipticalFor joggers, a low-impact elliptical may seem like a daydream in an RV. But, a hands-free elliptical makes your dream come true. Sit or stand and this machine does the rest. Its sturdy steel design and slip-free petals keep you in place while getting a cardio workout that mimics your outdoor run without the strain on your joints. Keep track of your calories and strides per minute with a small rotating monitor. It also has an adjustable tension gauge that can simulate a hill climb or a smooth flat surface. And like most ellipticals, it can go in reverse to give your calves an extra burn. Of course, your new tiny fitness track fits right next to your mini bike.

These convenient workout tips and products save you space, time, and money, because you just made a miniature gym right in your RV.

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