5 Great Ways To Stay Warm in your RV Besides Your Furnace

Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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Living in your RV is a great way to find new landscapes while staying comfortable. I know that part of the adventure of traveling is exposure to different climates that you may not be accustomed to. I avoid cold places as much as I can but I have to say, Arizona and Southern California can be also cold (lower 30’s) during the nights in an RV. It is important to stay warm and I discovered several ways I can keep myself warm. 

Portable-Mini Heater

This is a no-brainer. Using the furnace can be expensive especially if you stay at parks where you are plugged in most of the times. The first recommended product to keep you warm in a small space is a personal mini heater. Most of the newer ones are safe to the touch because its surface stays cool even when it’s running. Some of them even shut off automatically when tipped over, this is great when you have pets or kids. This might not work if you have a large RV and you are at very cold temperatures, but there are larger ones that can be effective.

Classic Rubber Transparent Hot Water Bottle

I bought my hot water bottle a few weeks ago and I am using it almost every night. I put it under my blanket about an hour prior I go to bed and by the time I climb in, my bed is nice and cozy. This handy thermoplastic bottle is two liters and comes with a cozy knit cover for added comfort. It boasts a wide mouth to make it easier for you to fill with water. This is excellent to help you with the sore muscles that may come with cold weather or is useful for added heat while you are relaxing. Classic Rubber Bottle is also adaptable because it can also be used for cold water, in case you need it for the summer.

Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags are specially designed for travelers who may not want to stay in their RV to sleep. They come with different temperature ratings. I would suggest getting a really good one. It can also serve you if you need an additional bed for a guest or are lacking enough internal heat to make your standard bed comfortable. It is also great for backpacking trails as well. You will definitely find sleeping bags useful during the cooler months.

12V Heating Blankets

Heating needs lots of energy which is why 12V heated blankets are great. They’re great for road trips and even emergencies. You can easily power them with your RV batteries because you can plug them into your car’s utility lighter. It is made of 100% polyester fleece, and is soft and feels great on your skin. You don’t need to worry about the blanket overheating because it has a built-in timer, which you can set for 30 to 45 minutes; and will automatically shut off on its own. 

Personal Propane Heaters

One last great way to stay warm during RV travel is the Mr. Heater F215100 MH45 Little Buddy. The Little Buddy is a great travel companion because it uses indoor-safe propane heater technology, and makes a great addition to your propane and propane accessories. You’ll appreciate its odor-free warmth and is designed to last for up to five and a half hours. Or you can get the bigger one that will last you the whole night. No matter where you put it, you can adjust it up to 45-degree angles. It is easy and safe to use because it has a simple off and on switch, and, more importantly, built-in low oxygen sensors which will cause the Little Buddy to shut off on its own.

You shouldn’t let the possibility of cold weather stop you from exploring the country in your RV. There are many great ways to keep warm in any situation, no matter what size or model your RV may be. You can use these excellent tools to keep you comfortable, and you can rely on their ease and safety as well. Staying warm is not only a matter of what the weather may bring but also depends on your preparedness. You’ll be ready for anything the outdoors has in store on your next road trip by utilizing these great products.

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