Health Insurance Options For The Full Time RVer

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Health Insurance for RVing


Health is one key concern to everyone for us RVers as well. Health insurance policies are available to every person. They ease your healthcare and enhance the services offered. However, RVers have in the past been left out in these policies more so when they go away from their states, with most persons only benefiting from emergency services


Why full-time RVers find it hard to access health insurance

Nomads have in the past experienced problems with the policies; having to choose carefully policies where agents are available at the places they are likely to visit in the future. This is in a bid to access health care everywhere they go. In other instances, they have to hunt for insurance companies that will insure them given that some companies require that one lives in the stated address for at least six months during the year. However, what happens to the fulltime Rvers? In most cases, however, insurance companies will insure an RVer but only provide emergency services when they are away from their states. There is hence the need to design insurance policies that cater for the healthcare of the nomads given that it’s their passion and they still need to be health as they explore the world.


Why have a health cover 


  • A health cover will enhance your state of health during your adventures. In case you are suffering health conditions that require a doctor’s attention, you need not give up your nomad life but can safely adventure and still have your health in check.
  • You have access to a doctor any time of the day when you need it. Hence the need to choose a policy that cares about you and is concerned about your health.
  • There is reduced medical cost. Few are the times that you will go back to your pocket to draw some funds to finance your health services or that of your family as long as you have a health cover.


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Options available to full-time nomads

The non-traditional alternative

This is an alternative that has been used in the past and is widely appreciated. The nomads, in this case, come together, form a pool where they raise funds to help each other in funding medical expenses to all persons in the pool. It’s widely recognized, and it’s appreciated by many. I personally don’t like this idea. I don’t like to depend on others. 

Group cover

In many instances, it’s hard to refuse a group anything as opposed to saying `no’ to a single person. Based on the areas you plan to travel, you could discuss available plans with your insurance, so you get a group cover for your medical needs.



This is a newly established plan but has quickly gained popularity among the nomads. It entails gaining access to a doctor while RVing and only having to purchase the prescribed drug. Take for instance, you have a health condition, say diabetes, heart complication (your cleared to travel), or even any emergency, as long as you are connected to the internet, you can quickly have a video chat with the doctor, where they give you direction on how to go about the condition, and even prescribe medication. This will hence facilitate your fast recovery, and you continue your activities.


Travel insurance

Since you are always on the move, you may also consider a travel insurance policy. This cover will facilitate access to medical services, not only emergency services, even away from your state of domicile.



In some instances, people belong to various organizations in their state. Some of the organizations have access to group health cover, while some like the faith-based organization have health programs, not necessarily insurance that full-time nomads can benefit from.


In as far as you love your nomad life; you love your health more. Moreover, you cannot practice your nomadism without being in a good state of health. Visit your insurer to learn more about the options available to you as a full-time RVer. Take time to weigh the options (individual plans, group plans, and telemedicine among others) then choose the best available option. Let not the covers also limit your ability to travel. After all the telemedicine is readily available to you and was designed for your use.

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