How To Remove Sealant

Waterproofing the RV roof is one of the most important things to do. It can make a big difference between savings and losing money on major repairs. It is why RV owners must apply a sealant to the roof regularly as a part of maintenance. However, there are times when you need to take the old sealant off, and replace it with a new one. Also, some instances might require removing the sealant due to a mistake in application and need for its reapplication. 

RV SealantRV Roof Maintenance

To keep your RV roof in great condition, you need rubber roof sealant, which is essential for its regular and yearly maintenance.  

From time to time, you should evaluate or inspect the roof’s condition.  Look for signs of damage and cracks, especially around air conditioners, vents, exhaust vents and wiring coming from the interior of your RV. If needed, you might have to re-apply a rubber roof coating, which is why you need to learn how to remove a roof sealant.

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Clear SealantRecap on where to apply the sealant –

  • Exhaust vents
  • Noticeable cracks
  • Unsealed edges and corners
  • Wirings entering the roof
  • Antennas
  • Around the exhaust fans and air conditioner

How to Remove RV Roof Sealant?

The process is simple. All you need to do is to scrape the sealant off. In this method, you don’t have to use a chemical remover, but then, it might not apply across all roof sealants.  But while it may seem easy, it must be done properly.

Scrape The Sealant Off

You shouldn’t disturb the RV roof to prevent a larger problem, such as damaging the other portions of the roof.  In addition, some owners also use a hair drier in removing a rubber roof sealant, which is quite practical and easy if you’re dealing with cold weather.

On the other hand, you can also refer to the product manual that comes with the sealant that you purchased. The manufacturer has specific instructions on how to remove the sealant, which varies from its type.    

Some of them recommend using a putty knife that can remove the roof sealant. Others can suggest using a heat gun to take it out.  You can consider any of these simple methods to get rid of the set and dried sealant, especially if you need to reapply the sealant or you have made a mistake. 

Final Thoughts

Sealant Tape

The recreational roof sealant offers plenty of benefits that also include sealing junctions and cracks. It can also seal around the edges and corners so that they remain watertight. Using a sealant, you can also keep your RV cool and dry on any weather.  However, you might sometimes have to remove the old rubber roof coating because you need to reapply a new one or correct some application mistakes.

Nevertheless, learning how to remove RV roof sealant is a part of roofing maintenance that you need to know. With it, you can apply a new one to continue reaping its benefits, such as preventing water damage, saving money and preventing huge repairs. All these can also extend your RV’s lifespan and promote the comfort of everyone aboard your vehicle.