How To Start Travel Blogging?

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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To Blog or not to BlogAs more and more people take to full-time RVing, travel blogging becomes a popular way to make money. What could be better than seeing the wonders of the world, and getting paid for it at the same time? As fun and exciting as it seems, travel blogging requires dedication and can be time-consuming. Blogging takes persistence. It is not as simple as posting a blog and having the money start rolling in. You have to put the work in.

Starting and running a travel blog is the same as with any other business. The real money will not come in for about a year. A year of consistent work. It takes time for people to find you and takes time to builds a solid customer base to follow you. In the same way that travelers will be looking around for the best blogs, you need to look around too. See what is out there and then tell yourself you can do better.

Then create your blog

Not every blog is created equally. Just because a person travels doesn’t mean they are good at writing about travel. Many blogs out there will not be very good. And with these top tips, you can be sure that your blog jumps to the top of the list.

1. Read Books

Running a blog is similar to running a business, so you can learn a lot from reading books. Books on business strategies, marketing, and self-development are going to be very helpful. Reading is a great way to improve any skill and expand knowledge, which will only make you a better writer and blogger. Learn what works and look for tips. When you find what works, start doing it.

2. Think Outside the Box

You want to present information in a way that is not like every other blog out there. If they are writing text, then you should do a video. If they are being serious, try being funny and light-hearted. Where others use complex designs, go with simplicity, and if other blogs feature one-off stories, consider creating a story to keep raiders coming back for the next part. Many travel blogs out there are light on details, so write in-depth and give the readers something to think about and visualize. The more your blog stands out from the norm, the more popular it will be.


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3. Be a Niche

With so many bloggers out there, and you coming late to the Google search party, it is important to stand out. Start with a narrow focus for topics to appeal to those searching for niche information. Topics like vegan travel, or focusing on a specific city is a great place to start. The more focused you are, the more of an expert you become, and in turn, you can become the person (or blog) people turn to when they need information on that niche.

4. Create Products

Give your followers a chance to support your site and blog. Offer a book, clothing, or course via affiliate marketing. This lets you grow your revenue and website and keeps you out of direct competition with other bloggers for spots on press trips. Bloggers that only provide blogs have to be constantly producing work to keep revenue coming in, and this takes away from your exploring time. When you offer products, you give yourself some free time while still bringing in money.

5. Networking

As you travel, reach out to other bloggers and create a network. This can help you become more well-known in the industry. When you network outside the industry, you can become the person within that network that everyone turns to for advice, information, and quotes. Attend industry events and find other events that overlap with your expertise to find new networking groups. Within these groups, you can find people that know little about travel and will turn to you and your site.

7. Don’t Talk About Yourself

Writing a blog naturally involves you saying ‘I’ a lot. But this should not be the only thing you write about. If your blog is like a journal, then writing about your experiences is fine, but for a professional blog that brings in income, it cannot always be about you. The blog needs to be about the readers, providing them with advice, information, telling a story, or making them laugh. Only write about yourself sparingly and allow the readers to visualize the travels for themselves.

8. Persistence Will Pay Off

A blog will not generate money overnight. It takes hard work and time, so set realistic expectations. Take time and build a blog and site that will last, and the work will pay off. As you continue to learn and explore, expanding knowledge and experience, your writing will evolve. Eventually, a great blog will be created. It is okay to not be the best in the beginning. What matters is not giving up and continuing to do better with each blog.

9. Making Money

Most travel bloggers do not start seeing steady income for at least 6 months. Travel blogging also makes less money than fashion and food blogging. But a few things that will help your blog succeed are:

  • Keep readers engaged
  • Create a self-hosted site (there are several that are free)
  • Choose a niche and creative blog name
  • Produce unique content on a schedule
  • Create a media kit (blogging resume)
  • Make your site easy to navigate and read

Make the most of your travels and bring in some income as you explore. With these tips, you can create a successful travel blog and be the next best thing for RVers across the world.

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