iMeier Electric Bike Review – The Good And The Bad

Last Updated on December 25, 2021

When you own a motorhome there are times you will need to leave the campground and unhooking your RV, driving to places is too much of a hassle.  Towing a vehicle is also hard, I don’t want to deal with towing. So, I own a normal bicycle which is great for exercise but I am limited. If I need to go farther I use Uber or Lyft but something still was missing. There are so many electric vehicle options today, I didn’t know what’s the best for me. I tried a scooter but had to send it back and now I picked the iMeier Electric Pedal Bike.

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 My iMeier Electric Pedal-Assisted Folding Bike Reviewimeier

The iMeier came later. I wanted something with pedals, so if I am 3 miles away, and my battery dies I won’t get stuck pushing my bike back home for miles. This one didn’t have any reviews so I took a risk and I am planning to update you on how it is working. It’s hard to find. 

bike basket

It is lots of fun! When you switch it on you can either use the pedals to go faster or accelerate with the handlebar. 

So after having it for a few weeks and riding around a couple of hundred miles, I have to tell you that I love this thing. I bought a nice little basket that I can put in the front so now I can use it to run some errands too.

The Good

  • Easy to put together when you first get it. Only the handlebar and the seat needed some installation and the tires needed some air.
  • The manufacturer says it can go 18-36 during ideal conditions, so far the maximum I used it for was around 12 miles but it was already in the RED. I don’t know how much more I could have ridden with it and for sure it wasn’t only flat straight surface, but I would not risk going way farther than that. I am happy with the 12 miles, that’s enough for most of my errands and commute.
  • The seat is really soft and you can set it up the way you need it. You can set the height and also set it closer or farther from the handlebar. The handlebar can also be set the way you want it. It feels like a high-quality bike. 
  • It is foldable and it’s quick and easy.
  • It charges within a few hours. 
  • The tires are pretty thick and I feel safe balancing and riding it. Easy to get on it and to get off.

The Bad

  • Although it looked so effortless to use the pedals on the intro videos, this is really not a bike, you need lots of force to use only the pedals without having it “on”. It’s like biking uphill.
  • The manufacturer says it can go 15.4 MpH but honestly, the fastest I was able to go with it was around 12 MpH on straight concrete road.
  • The manufacturer says it is “lightweight”. It’s not that lightweight. The battery is the whole mid-section which makes this thing heavy. I need a ramp to put it in my RV. I cannot lift it easily. 

EcosmartMy Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

The EcoSmart Scooter is known for its style and functionality with amazing features such as an ultra padded seat, adjustable handlebar rake and seat rear disc braking and so on. This is the first one I liked and bought. It came and I had to assemble it. Then it turned out I got a lemon. The battery didn’t work, so after it stopped working in the middle of my trip, I decided this one is not for me. They offered to send me a replacement battery but I just decided I need something with pedals. It gets great reviews and it seems like they usually don’t have this problem. What I liked about it that this is one scooter that is affordable. For about $350 you get a comfortable little electric scooter with a nice basket. Battery life is good, charge time is 2 ½ hours which is more than enough to get to drive over 7 miles (normally).


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