LA To Yellowstone – 10 Day Road Trip

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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2700 miles in 10 days


1st day

400 miles driven.

I left LA around 2 PM and I drove up North towards Reno to pick my friend up who was coming with me for the weekend.

I called Topaz Lake RV Park prior to my arrival to find out how late I can arrive. They told me I can come at any time, they are open 24 hours. A Casino also belongs to the park.

It is a pretty park, they require a $10 deposit for a bathroom key which was weird. Usually, all parks keep their bathrooms open. The sites overlooked the lake which was very nice in the morning.

2nd day

70 miles driven.

I left in the morning, I picked my friend up at work in the afternoon. We have decided to stay for the night and start our trip up North the next morning.

brigi viki at yellowstoneMy friend Brigi is also from Hungary. She is a digital nomad, and now she is on a contract job in Reno CA. We met when we first came to the U.S. in 2000 as au-pairs. We did our first road trip in 2001 when we flew to Orlando, Florida, rented a car, and drove down to Key West. Then a few years ago we did our second road trip, we met in Vienna and drove to Prague where we spent two nights. This is our third road trip together.

3rd day

600 miles driven

This was a long day and the drive was pretty boring through Nevada. We were driving through the desert, with nothing to see and it was hot. We crossed the Idaho border where finally everything became green. I love green. Mountains started to appear in the distance. We’ve decided to sleep at a FlyingJ truck stop. We had a good night, this was my first night at a truck stop. Since my RV is pretty small, we were able to park farther from the trucks in a normal parking spot.

Brigi, my friend was pretty happy because she found great wifi, so she could get some job done.

4th day

150 miles driven

We’ve decided to go from South through the Grand Teton National Park. We crossed the Wyoming border and everything was simply beautiful. Green rolling hills, forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains. The top of the mountains still had snow on them. We have stopped pretty often and followed the “touristy” sights. I found a small RV park by the south entrance of the Grand Teton Park, called the Fireside Resort in Buffalo Valley. It was a pretty basic park and it was a bit pricey but probably we paid for the location. We just spent the night and the next day followed the road up North to Yellowstone.

Yellostone Sign road trip

5th day

170 miles driven

We spent the whole day in Yellowstone. We followed the big loop counter-clockwise. We stopped by each point of interest on our map, took pictures, and walked around a bit. It was Saturday, many people visited the park. We saw lots of wildlife, bison, elks, and bears in their natural habitat. It was awesome! We spent the night right outside the West entrance of the park at the Rustic Wagon RV park.


grand prismatic yellowstone

6th day

380 miles driven

We’ve decided to drive back the way we came by finishing the big loop and the rest of the park. This was the day when we saw the Grand Prismatic and other beautiful geysers.

I must admit, we could have done some hiking or biking if we spent another day in the park, but we had to head back to Reno. We ended up near Twin Falls and spent the night at a truck stop.

My favorite sights:

  1. Grand Prismatic Spring:

When we visited the Grand Prismatic Spring, we were first taken in by the overall size of it as well as all of the magnificent colors there are to see. It shows off the most radiant colors similar to that of when shining a light through a prism, such as that of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The colors of the spring can vary each time that you visit this place and is very much dependent on the temperature and season at the time.

  1. Old Faithful Geyser:

This geyser is probably one of the most famous landmarks that can be found in the United States, attracting many people each year, and has become number two on my list of favorite places at Yellowstone. The geyser typically erupts with huge streams of hot spring water about every 35 to 120 minutes, and its eruptions can reach up to between 106 feet to even 185 feet in the air. It is truly an amazing sight to behold. You shouldn’t miss it when visiting.

  1. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone:

On my list of favorite destinations in Yellowstone goes to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Stretching just about 24 miles long, this landmark is labeled as the first big canyon formed by the river entitled the Yellowstone River in Wyoming and makes its way from the waterfalls of Yellowstone Falls all the way to the park itself.


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7th day

460 miles driven

square icecreamThis day was all about driving again through the desert. We stopped a few times for lunch and to try the “famous” square ice cream in Jackson, Wyoming.

This was the last night with my friend which we spent in Reno.

8th day

70 miles driven

I still had a few days till I had to get back to LA, I’ve decided to spend a day at Lake Tahoe. I loved it. I choose a city park called Campground by the Lake to stay and went for a bike ride. The whole Lake Tahoe area has lots of nice biking trails. I biked around 13 miles by the lake, hills, and meadows. I can really imagine spending more time here. Lake Tahoe has it all, the casinos, the entertainment, dining, shopping opportunities, and beautiful nature.

south lake tahoe1

9th day

400 miles driven

This was the day I drove a lot by myself, heading back to LA. I picked an alternative road from Lake Tahoe to see something different. I stopped overlooking Mono Lake. Driving through the desert in California was difficult because of the high winds. I had to hold the turning wheel strong all way through which made the drive even harder. I spent my night at the California RV Resort.

mono lake view from RV van

10th daycar wash rv wash

30 miles driven

My van looked like a bug cemetery, the whole front was black from the bugs we killed by driving through the states, it was time for a carwash. After 2 hours and $60 lighter, now I have a “new” van. 🙂


Yellowstone Picture Gallery

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