Lake Elsinore Marina & RV Resort

Last Updated on April 25, 2020

Address: 32700 Riverside Drive Lot #117, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Phone: (800) 328-6844

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I stayed in this park for two nights in mid-February and unfortunately the weather was really bad. It was raining most of the days, so I couldn’t really enjoy the park and its surroundings.

The lake seems nice enough for boating and fishing, there are mountains surrounding it. Everything is so green now, it has been raining a lot this winter, but most of the year it is barren.

All RV spots are dirt, just sized enough to fit a large RV. Many residents live here full-time. There are picnic benches and tables by each site. Highway 74 is right by the park, if you can, choose a spot closer to the lake and it won’t bother you that much. The dirt sites were really muddy after the rain.

The laundry is small, with only three washing machines and two dryers. I used the washing machine and it made some of my items stained with black sticky things. I don’t know what it was.   

Lake-Elsinore-Marina-and--RV-Resort-showerThe last day I wanted to take a shower but it seems like the showers were made for tall people only. The water only flows if you pull the lever down by the showerhead (see pictures). You have to keep pulling it to get the water flowing. I tried but couldn’t reach it. It’s the stupidest idea ever. Ok, I am smaller than average, but what about kids, or people who cannot hold their arms, people who sit in wheelchairs? Also, how do you take a shower when it is in the ’50s with one hand? It’s cold to let the lever go, use soap while standing there wet. They don’t heat the bathroom. I was complaining about this in the office, the girl said they are just installing this new type of showers now because people took too long showers before. 

I had good Sprint connection in the area, Verizon also worked. The park Wifi is non-existent unless you sit on the patio by the office. 

I can see this place might be nice in the summer if you like the water, but I did not really enjoy my two nights especially because nothing really worked the way I wanted. 


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