Mesa Spirit RV Resort – RV Site Review – The Good, Bad & Ugly

Last Updated on December 25, 2021

Address: 3020 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85213
Phone: (480) 832-1770

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I spent a night here in October. There was still in the upper 90’s during the day. My AC doesn’t work, there are no shaded areas but with the fan going and all doors are opened, it is bearable. 

The only reason I came to AZ now is to upgrade to a bigger RV, my quest for a new RV. With your Passport America membership, you need to call them to reserve. They were nice and even though I am not yet 55 or older, they had no problem with that. 

The only issue I had is that the park has no 30 AMP power but only 50. So I had to purchase from them a converter. In my two years of RVing, I never had this issue in any park. Well, this park is really made for long term residents in huge class A RVs. Those all have 50 AMP power. 

It’s probably the biggest park I’ve seen so far. I only spent one night in the park and it was pretty empty. There were a few long term or full-time residents. There are 3 pools but in different areas of the park.

The Good

  • Clean park.
  • Good enough WiFi.
  • Lots of amenities, pool table, pools, jacuzzis. There is a well-equipped gym and an area for dogs. I’ve heard during the season from January through March there are lots of activities.
  • It’s a gated community.

The Bad

  • Since the park is in the desert, there is no shade.

The Ugly

  • I didn’t spend enough time to really find anything I didn’t like. The spots are pretty close to one another but they are pretty big, made for large RVs and lots of Model Homes.


  • I am using the Park Wifi it’s a bit slow. This is the slow season. If this park is busy, I can imagine that Wifi will be even slower. I have OK Sprint and Verizon connection.

Will I be back?

  • If I am in the area it’s possible. However, it is more expensive than the parks around here with my Passport America membership.


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  1. Mesa Spirit RV Resort can be an excellent place to unwind. The park has valuable amenities, including jacuzzis, pools, pool tables, a gym, etc. With this, visitors can enjoy a luxurious stay in the park. It has a clean park and a gated community, so I can stay there safely, right? In your review, one drawback of the park is there is no shade since it is in the desert. It’s still a good spot to relax.

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