Most Dangerous RV Routes

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Most Dangerous RV Routes


Driving around in an RV is fun and exciting but there are also some risks that come along for the ride. It is not necessary to get a special license or training to drive an RV, so this means anyone can get behind the wheel and go. In general, RV or motorhome accidents make up a small percentage of total annual accidents, but there are some areas that seem to contribute to them more frequently than others.

Some of the most dangerous routes for RVs are listed below. These five routes have experienced higher accident ratios and fatalities than average roads each year. They also just happen to be popular RV roads. This is by no means to tell you to avoid these roads; but rather give you a heads up to you can be cautious. Perhaps on these stretches, a more experienced and steady hand should be at the wheel.

Interstate 10 in Arizona

A popular Interstate connecting Phoenix to the border of California, many RVers find themselves here. This 150-mile stretch of road has contributed to over ten percent of all fatalities in Arizona. The main cause seems to be its long and very straight stretches, which allow vehicles to reach higher speeds. Combined with aggressive driving, illegal passing and inattentive drivers, this interstate becomes deadly.


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Interstate 95 in Florida

People avoiding the snow head like out to this tropical interstate along the Atlantic coast of Florida. It may have beautiful views but the 382-mile stretch has had more accidents per mile than any other road during a five year period. The majority of the accidents along here seem to be caused by distracted driving combined with the high volume of traffic flow, so being alert is the best advice if you find yourself on this road.

Highway 2 in Montana

This highway runs through the more northern and remote areas of Montana and many RVers find themselves traveling along here due to its close proximity to Glacier National Park. This wide-open stretch of road is often the scene for cars and trucks passing through at high speeds. The speeding vehicles are one danger but its remoteness is the real danger. It can take first responders a while to get to any accident and even longer to get you transported back to a hospital.

Dalton Highway in Alaska

Rightfully known as the Last Frontier, Alaska is home to some of the most beautiful scenery. In keeping with the frontier theme, many of the roads are not always properly maintained. The Dalton Highway runs from Fairbanks to northern portions of the state with winding, steep and remote sections. Even though traffic fatalities occur on average once a year, the road is still very dangerous, so be sure to use caution.

Highway 550 in Colorado

This is a high elevation roadway that takes you through the southwest of Colorado including the San Juan Mountain range. Because the roads reach up to 11,000 feet in elevation, they can see every kind of weather. Snow plows do remove snow, ice, and debris from the road routinely but in order for them to do so, the road does not have any guardrails. So if you find yourself along this road, be extra cautious of the edges.

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