Must Have Tools for Your RV Tool Kit

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Most Important RV Maintenance tips

There are many important things to consider when traveling in your motorhome or trailer. One of the most basic but important things to remember is that you should always have tools with you. You never know when there will be an emergency or when something breaks down. Having the right tools and spare parts or equipment on board can be the solution to a number of problems.


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For the motorhome

The most commonly used tools or equipment items are listed below for you to help prepare for your trip.

  • Lights: Always have spare lights with you in case you break down at night. Plan to have at least one strong (pocket) lamp– preferably one that can also be hung up. In addition, you should carry a headlamp to keeps your hands free for any repairs you need to do.
  • Tires: You can never know when a nail, a nail, broken glass or sharp rocks are going to cause a flat. Fixing a flat tire requires specific tools such as a jack, a wrench and a spare tire. You can also pack a spare tire kit with an RV air compressor. Due to space and weight restrictions, replacement tires are typically not provided with newer vehicles, so always make yourself familiar with the spare and possible repair options before you hit the road.
  • Warning triangle: In the event of a breakdown or an accident, a warning triangle must be set to notify other drivers of your position, so as to avoid accidents. Make sure to keep it in an easily accessible place
  • Safety vests: It is best to place the vests in the side compartments of the doors, under the seats or in the seat pockets so they are always accessible.
  • Fire extinguisher: A fire extinguisher should always be on board. Keep it in an easily accessible place. Please don’t put the fire extinguisher in the trunk under the luggage, as this will make it difficult to find when needed for an emergency.
  • Seat belt cutter/rescue hammer: If the seat belts cannot be loosened or the windows cannot be opened in the case of a severe accident, you may need these tools.  Belt cutters and rescue hammers (also available in combined form) can easily be attached to every seat, so as to be quickly accessed in an emergency. 
  • First aid kit: Many new RVs will come equipped with a First Aid Kit, but older models may not have one. Check whether the first aid kit on board has an expiry date before heading on the road. Expired kits must be replaced before you leave and if your RV does not have one, you need to get one ASAP.
  • Rescue blanket: These blankets are actually reflective foils that protect people from hypothermia, overheating, and excessive moisture, wind or cold. 

For the Campsite

We recommend the following equipment for your stay at the campsite for safety.

  • Toolbox: The essential tools such as a screwdriver, wrench, socket wrench, Allen key sets, a hammer, a small wood saw, work gloves and of course a few screws and nails should be included in any toolkit. 
  • Paracord: The paracord, or parachute line, is a strong, durable braid of nylon cords. This tough line has been used in many survival training courses, this is an important item to keep handy when you are camping.

For the Stay

 Along with the necessities, there are some items or tools that have become indispensable and are now commonplace on most camping trips.

  • Gas grill: Charcoal grills are now prohibited on many campsites, so choose a small gas grill instead
  • Leveling blocks: Once you have a nice parking space for your camper, the vehicle must be leveled. Leveling blocks of various sizes and thicknesses are ideally suited for this, so be sure to have a handful on board. These boards are placed under the feet or tires. 
  • Water container: Two containers (5-gallon capacity each) for fetching water are standard equipment. There are many options out there for water containers, but simple, large, water bottles with a handle are sufficient and you can easily find these in many stores.


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