My 9 Small RV Upgrades That Was Worth It!

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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My RV is an excellent place to live in and its portability makes it perfect for traveling to various destinations. Having said that, your RV can only be functional when it has the appropriate accessories for your needs. I have highlighted some of the top-rated ones for you to consider:

1) Solar Panels

solar-starter-kitSolar Starter Kit: Now I have a larger RV with 850W of solar power installed on the top but this one was great when I was dry camping in my first van. It provided some power on sunny days. Experience the superior quality of the Renogy 100 Watts Solar Starter Kit that features a special charge controller with an upgraded 30A PWM. This lets you expand your system to a maximum capacity of 400w. The entire kit is now available with a charge controller and battery. The negative grounding controller provides broad off-grid features and enhanced safety.

2) Gray Water Hose and Sewer Cap

RV Trailer Camper Sanitation Gray Water Drain Hose: This one makes dry camping easier. I have a sewer cap with normal size hose connection. This makes the most of your unique sanitation needs with the RV trailer drain hose that lets you flush wastewater with optimal convenience. It also comes with a convenient gray color that allows for convenient identification. The manufacturers have also included brass couplings for added durability and hose functionality.

3) Cabinet Shelves

cabinet-shelvingClosetMaid 3456 Large Shelf: Most RV cabinets are completely useless without additional shelving. You can build custom shelves or just buy these aluminum shelves. I am using these and I am very happy with them. Discover the superior quality of the Closetmaid 3456 shelf that provides ample-sized kitchen solutions for drawers, closets, and countertops among many others. Additionally, the cabinet shelf has a stable design that comprises 4 feet that won’t topple over even when the RV is moving. Besides that, it has been constructed using robust stainless steel and aluminum alloy for optimal durability.

4) Outdoor Mat

Outdoor Ground Mat for Outdoors: To create a nice outdoor patio setting, a floor mat is paramount. Increase the functionality of your RV with the Outdoor Ground mat which is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping. It allows for easy cleanup and the stain-resistant and durable mildew-resistant material makes it perfect for various applications. The inclusion of the Polypropylene tube material lets the water drain with ease and adds to the functionality of the mat.

5) Mini Heater

Lasko Ceramic Heater with Remote: I am plugged into shore power most of the time during the winter months so I prefer not using my furnace. I am using a mini heater to keep me warm. This Mini heater lets you enjoy the quality heat in your RV with a design that provides scalability, availability, and optimal flexibility for your needs. More so, it also has a programmable to sweep heat that comprises various levels including 90, 170, and full 360 degrees of heat. Users will appreciate the simple based and assembly.

6) Water Boiler

Secura The Original Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle: It is way quicker to boil water in this than using my gas cooktops. Prepare warm water with the ultimate convenience by using the Secura Stainless steel water kettle that comes is durable for your needs. The inclusion of the BPA-free cool-touch exterior means there are no scalding hazards and saves energy and is safe to use as well. It also has a double-wall construction that boils water quicker and keeps it warm for longer.

7) Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are way better than lead-acid batteries. They are also more expensive of course.  You don’t have much space for batteries in a small RV but if you plan to live full-time in an RV and you plan dry-camping often, you will need more battery power than your RV comes with. Become better at managing energy use in your RV with these Lion batteries. This battery will provide you with reliable power such that you can continue with your day-to-day activities. Best of all, it is also durable and will provide lasting power performance.

8) Water filter

Camco 40043 Water Filter: This Camco Water Filter is the ideal solution for producing clean water from a portable outside source, and it also has KDF to mitigate the effects of bacteria development. Besides that, it also comes with a durable in-line and exterior mount filter that has a wide body for an enhanced flow of water. This product also features a flexible hose protector to mitigate the effects of kinking.

9) Solar lamp

LightMe Portable Solar LED Bulb Light: I love boondocking and when I do, I need reliable lighting for the night. Solar is free and reliable. This solar light provides energy that is clean, environmentally friendly, and infinite, which makes it the perfect addition for your RC. The solar panel can convert solar energy into electricity, and it is then stored in a lead-acid battery due to its efficiency. It is simple to install and is durable to withstand exposure to almost any type of weather.

In considering all the important aspects of a functional RV, it is important that you make informed choices. One such example would be to start with some of these items in my My 9 Small RV Upgrades That Was Worth It! These things provide solid performance when it comes to RV features and impressive affordability to match.

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