Newport Dunes RV Resort

Last Updated on December 20, 2021

Address: 1131 Back Bay Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: (949) 999-3100

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I liked this park. I got a small spot for my small RV in the last row, because of the warm weather, not much was available on a Saturday night.

This is by a bay, it feels like a lake. My spot was a dirt spot which I don’t like too much, especially when I have to pack up everything, for some reason you just cannot stay clean. Water spilling on the dirt and you get mud all over the hoses, then on your clothes… It’s frustrating.

The office staff was nice, after paying $65 for the night, I was out of the office. They also gave me complimentary checkout till 4 PM. For some unfortunate reason, I didn’t bring my bicycle with me so I decided to rent a beach cruiser in the office, it cost me $15/hr. That was enough to bike around the area, the lake a few times, and try the bike route behind the park.

There is a lot to do here, and it is perfect for families. You can rent paddle boats, kayaks, bicycles, beach lounge chairs, and more. There is a lake, a pool, jacuzzi if you want to go for a swim. You can play ping-pong and other games in the recreational room. There are cabins you can rent if you don’t have a motorhome or don’t want to bring a tent.

They have a restaurant and a little market on site where you can buy your basics. The resort had laundry, showers, and the internet was pretty good. I could use it to watch Netflix. This is really a family place, there are lots of kids in the pool, biking till the night. On the weekend at least.

The first row was by the lake, the premium sites. Those were big sites for Class A RVs. In the last row, I saw many permanent resident motorhomes and sites that were for tents. One thing I didn’t like was that some of those sites were taken by multiple families with two-three tents on one small site. It’s hard for me to understand why one person pays the same with a small motorhome as three families with three tents who are up till late and making a huge mess.

Overall, it was a nicely spent day at Newport Dunes, it’s not a place where I want to go back, but it was worth visiting.

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