Oasis Palms RV Resort

Last Updated on December 25, 2021

Address: 90123 81st Ave, Thermal, CA 92274
Phone: (760) 397-1011

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As I am writing this I am spending my time at Oasis Palms RV Resort. It got great reviews on Yelp and I thought I will book a whole week. It was a mistake.

This is a place close to music festivals like Coachella, so maybe looking from that angle it might be a great little park. You are here with friends, going to concerts all night and spend your days in the park… That’s not my case, though.

The park was very deserted when I arrived, there were only a couple of other RVs. One thing I’ve noticed right away is the strong cow manure smell. I smell it all the time, it’s awful. This area is farmland which is most likely why.

Nobody was at the office when I arrived so I drove around looking for a place to stay. Most paved spaces were flooded with water. They are heavily watering the grass because they expect a lot of people soon for the upcoming Coachella. I guess I just came right before, it wasn’t the best time.

What really bothered me finding out is the water, which is not recommended for drinking. The guy in the office showed me a paper that said the water here contains high amounts of Fluoride and Arsenic and it is not recommended for drinking only for kids under 9 but that doesn’t really make me happy. I don’t want to use non-potable water in my RV and the water I have in my tank won’t last for a week. The guy said that he has been drinking the water all his life. Honestly, I don’t even like to do my dishes with water knowingly that has toxins.

They have a water fountain with Reverse Osmosis water though, which you can use for drinking. This is great for drinking. I can’t use that for the RV.

Everything is full of bugs. So much that you cannot really sit outside. Flies are all over you, you keep trying to make them fly away. 

The pool is nice but it was cold. I am not sure if the water heater didn’t work or they just wanted to save the money by not heating it but it was cold.

The good things are that the showers, bathrooms are clean. They have a large air-conditioned room with couches and a large screen smart TV with Netflix which is nice. They have plenty of books, games, DVDs that you can use. There is also a pool table, a pin pong table, a piano, and a hot tub. Music is always welcome, they have large speakers that you can blast your music with. This place is great for festival-goers.

The park is also pet-friendly, they have a board with pictures of dogs visited, which I found very cute.

I had a nice time at the pool, but it was a mistake to book for a whole week. It’s not much to do if there is no festival going on. It is OK if you are spending here a day or two but I really don’t recommend more.

The staff is nice and helpful and the guy really showed me around the next day when I checked in.


No, thanks!