How To Optimize The Storage Space In Your Class B RV

Last Updated on December 25, 2021

When you choose adventure instead of comfort you need to make sure that you will still have everything you need in your everyday life.

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organizersMarch is my transition month. This is the month when I will move everything I can fit in my Class B RV and I will get rid of the rest that won’t. I will probably save some personal items and rent a storage or ask a friend to store it for me.

The storage space in my Ford Majestic is not that great. The cabinets are narrow but have no shelves and I only have two drawers. One, I am using for kitchen utensils and cookware; the other one is for my bathroom items, lotions, and vitamins. I really have to maximize the space I have. Since I am not using a Microwave, I use that as storage as well.

There were three items I first bought to create more space.

I bought a hanging wall organizer and I hung it to my bathroom door from the outside. It makes my walkway even tighter but it will be perfect to put my socks, bathing suits and keep those handy. The quality is pretty good. I have to lift it up a bit when I close my bathroom door but it is worth for class b

The other item I got was a  hanger tree. There are different types. I got this one because I have many summer dresses that I plan to bring along with me and I found this perfect for them. I have two hooks that I can use to hang jackets or towels on, but that’s not enough. This hanger tree will hold all my little summer dresses and light jackets. It has non-slip covers that won’t allow my clothes to fall off.

cabinet shelvesSince my cabinets are narrow but high, I am wasting so much space on the top half of the cabinets. I use the cabinets for food items, it’s basically my pantry. After some research I found these awesome cabinet shelves for each cabinet to create extra space. There are many different shapes and kinds – I needed narrow ones that are less than 7 inch wide.

hanging-shoe-organizerAnother thing I bought to hold my shoes is this hanging shoe organizer. I love it. I don’t use all compartments for shoes, I can keep my towels and other handy items right at my doorway.  I know people usually hang this inside a closet and it’s not the most attractive thing but it’s all about making the space liveable. You need to find the best tools.

One more thing I will need is a solution to keep the garbage in one place. Now I am using plastic bags which I keep on the counter. It is annoying to keep moving it when I need more counter space. I think this trash can holder for a cabinet door will work great that I just ordered.

What items did you get to optimize your storage in your class B? Please share below in your comment.

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