Park Marina

Bethel Island, Oakley CA

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Park Marina is Located in Oakley California, offering large 50′  and small Boat Slips for rent. This is a private place, I stayed here a few nights as a guest.

The park has great water access where you can use your own sailor motorboat, kayak, or go fishing. There are three and a half acres are shaded with trees that belong to the marina. They have bathrooms, showers, a laundry room an organic farm. You can rent a kayak, day camp, rent the space for special events.

The park owners are on a mission to bring the like-minded community together. To grow and teach and improve the surrounding areas. Planning to have fire pits, an outside pizza oven for the community, a volleyball net, horseshoes, and farming classes.

There is an island called Bethel Island right across the bridge with a few, two Mexican restaurants and shops. It is a perfect place for a little getaway. Get ready to wake up to roosters and will hear the nearby cows all day.

It is very nice there, contact my friend Aaron and go take a look!

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