Risks Of Renting Out Your RV

Last Updated on December 20, 2021


If you’ve ever wanted to make some extra money but didn’t know where to start why not try renting out your RV?When I’ve fist heard of RV Share where you can list your RV and rent it out for the months you are not using it I signed up. Later I started having some concerns so I’ve contacted RVshare:

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My two big concerns were

  • Who pays for parking tickets? If they don’t park in the right area that shouldn’t be my fault. I am renting the RV out not driving it for them. I will get the tickets in the mail, I will be responsible, but I don’t want to pay for someone else’s tickets!
  • Who pays for the things that break during the rental period?

I raised my concerns to RV Share and I got their prompt answer:

As for parking tickets: The renter is responsible for any parking tickets during the rental period. RVshare have the renters credit card information on file so if a parking ticket is received RVshare will charge the renter the fee for the ticket and then reimburse the owner for any tickets.
When things break: MBA Insurance which is the oldest and largest RV rental insurance company provides insurance to our owners and renters. We work with our owners to make sure they have proper coverage when they sign up to rent their RV.
If something breaks during a rental it depending on what it is and how it broke would determine who is responsible for it. In your example if a the AC breaks that is most likely no fault of the renter so the owner would be responsible for fixing that. However if the renter runs over broken glass and gets a flat tire then that would be the responsibility of the renter to replace.

Renting your RV is a great way to make extra money and if you’re concerned about damages just remember that you will have only the best coverage offered on the market today. So if something terrible does occur you’re covered for all of it, not part of it.

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