Tips To Make RVing Friends While RVing Solo

Last Updated on February 12, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Approaching strangers for help or conversation, despite fear of rejection, can lead to meaningful connections.
  • Sharing food with neighbors is a great way to break the ice and foster camaraderie.
  • Bringing along games and activities can encourage social interaction among RVers at campgrounds.
  • Going on hikes near campgrounds can provide opportunities to meet fellow travelers.
  • Parking near friendly faces at campgrounds can create a sense of community and facilitate friendships.
  • Hosting events like game nights or open mic sessions at campsites can bring RVers together.
  • Keeping an open mind and being flexible can lead to enjoyable experiences and deeper connections.
  • Scheduling regular catch-ups online with newfound friends helps maintain relationships, even when miles apart.
  • Offering something simple like coffee or inviting passersby to sit outside and chat can initiate conversations and friendships.
  • Joining RV clubs, attending meetups, and engaging with social media groups can help connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Hot tubs at RV parks provide a relaxed atmosphere for starting conversations and making new friends.
  • The RV community is generally friendly and welcoming, offering opportunities for memorable connections on the road.

Making friends while you travel solo can be difficult in the beginning. Nobody wants to be alone and lonely, but it can happen to anyone. It’s even harder if you are an introvert – but you need to make some effort, that’s the only way to make friends on the road. Introverts can be extroverts when trying.

make-friends-while-rvingI am mainly an introvert but can be an extrovert as well and be shy at times. I don’t like to feel that I bother people and I don’t want them to look at me weirdly when I approach them. We all have a natural fear of rejection, which can make approaching strangers more difficult. But think about this, without trying you won’t get anywhere, and the answer is surely no. If you feel that your company is not wanted, just move on, don’t take it personally. Here are some tips to make new friends while RVing.

Ask for Help

Asking other people for help may seem out of your comfort zone, especially when you don’t know if they’ll be receptive to you and your needs. However, when you have no one to rely on but other people, stepping outside of your comfort zone helps you hit two birds with one stone.

For example, approaching another RVer about how to fix a part of your own RV will not only break the ice and make small talk, you might even make a friend and gain more wisdom from them in the long run.

Make Some Food

Many people say that food is what brings people together and I agree. I believe that food is such a communal experience and that it is best shared with other people so that they, too, can partake in such a shared encounter.

If you’re cooking a massive meal, go ahead and knock on their RV doors and let them know you’ve cooked up a storm and have some food for them. They’re sure to appreciate the gesture and have some fun eating what you have made. They might even ask you for the recipe.

Another helpful tip when it comes to cooking is to make it a fun and enjoyable moment. If the weather is nice, why not whip up your grill and cook outside? The smell will waft around the campgrounds and entice people to come over and share stories over food.

Bring Some Fun and Games

Staying on RV campgrounds can get boring at times, especially when the weather tends to be bleak. One of the things that have allowed me to enjoy even in the comforts of my own RV is bringing some board games and even video games that I can play.

You can also make friends by sharing these board games and video games with other RVers on the campgrounds. You have the option of inviting them inside your recreational vehicle or bringing a selection outside to the camp’s rec room, if available. You can while away the hours just by playing these.

With an extensive array of board games today, you’re bound to find something that attracts everyone’s fancy. For example, a high-level strategy game will need you to cooperate or make strategic moves that can break the ice. Make sure to keep these engaging games in heavy rotation so that you can keep game nights interesting.


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Go on a Hike

Solo RVers don’t have to worry about going on hikes alone, provided they inform their loved ones about where they’re going for the day. There are a lot of beginner-friendly hiking areas that RVers love to explore near their campsites that already have established trails.

More often than not, you can meet new friends on the trails who are also looking for hiking buddies. You can take photos of the scenery and meditate while watching the sun rise or go down for the day.

Park Near Each Other

Finding a friendly face in a campsite can be challenging for newbie solo RV travelers. The easiest way you can try to make new friends is by finding a friendly face and person in the crowd and parking your trailer near them.

Before you chalk this move up as something creepy, this actually fosters a sense of connection and community. A simple ‘hi’ or wave from your windows may jumpstart a friendship right on the campsite and with your RV neighbor to boot.

Host an Event


Having everyone get together at the campsite can be nerve-wracking if this is outside your comfort zone, but these small and intimate events are a great way to build rapport with the community. This is also a nice way to get to know other RVers and neighbors in the area.

You can host an open mic night, a games night, or just a lovely drinking and eating session around the fire. Adding a bit of music will also set the mood and those who have instruments on hand may just be up for a jamming session.

For the kids in the area, you can throw some fun activities their way, such as creating tie-dyed t-shirts or even making bracelets. These are some activities that even kids at heart will want to join in on.

Keep an Open Mind

RVing is all about keeping an open mind. You’ll meet a lot of different people on the road, all of which have fostered their own culture and tradition. Being open and compromising allows you to gain more experiences you normally wouldn’t have come across.

Being flexible gives you a much more enjoyable experience. When you’re invited to stay another night or a few extra days at a location, you might want to jump at this opportunity if you have the time. This allows you to foster deeper connections with people and see life from another perspective.

Schedule Weekly Catch-Ups

Being on the road and traveling to see new heights can get lonely for solo travelers in their recreational RVs. If you have managed to find friends you would love to hang out with again but can’t exactly be in the same location at once, I find that scheduling weekly catch-ups online does the trick.

Technological advancements today have afforded us the opportunity to stay connected even when we’re miles apart. With the Internet today, I am glad that we can use different applications such as Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Zoom, among others, to talk with one another.

Whether it’s just to catch up on all of our latest adventures, recommend new places to see, or even make plans to see each other, being friends with fellow RVers doesn’t have to just stop at the campsite.

Making friends RVingOffer something

One way to make new friends is to walk over to your neighbor at the RV park or campsite and ask if they would like some coffee. If they like coffee, they will say yes and you have broken the ice. If it is at night time, you can ask if they want cookies or beer or wine, you name it. Then introduce yourself while looking them in the eyes and shaking their hand. This will make a big difference.

When I visited Calico Ghost Town this is exactly what I did. I ended up sitting around the fire, chatting with a nice couple for a few hours. This made the whole trip so much better.

make-friends-rving-pictureSit outside

If you are sitting outside with your chair turned toward the road, it’s an invitation to passersby to stop and chat. If you don’t want to be disturbed, turn your chair away from the road. Having a couple of extra chairs sitting out and handy makes it easy for somebody to stop for a visit. When I was walking around at an RV park, a group sitting by the fire had a sign out inviting anyone to join them for a beer. What a great idea! Just set up your sign, smile at people walking by and I bet someone will strike up a conversation shortly.

Join the club

You can also make friends by joining some RV clubs like Escapees or Xscapers. Many RV clubs organize occasional events and rallies where you can meet lots of like-minded people.


I’ve joined some local RV and camping groups on I was thinking of making my own RV group at first, but I realized it’s too much work to build it up. I am already an assistant organizer in some local outdoor groups, which makes it easy to just plan an event, post it and notify thousands. If they like it, they will come. I have my weekend fun. It’s great to meet local like-minded people this way. I’ve attended some events, where I made good friends.

Social Media

There are tons of other social media platforms for the like-minded. I joined some Facebook and Reddit groups that involve other people with the same interests. I also use Instagram to post my pictures with hashtags. If you are camping or boondocking use the #boondocking, #camping #rving hashtag or even the nearby campground’s name to find people who would have photos of similar. Then see who is “close by” and send them a message and see where they are headed and if they are interested in meeting up.

I started conversations, I commented on others’ and slowly, I made friends. More involved you are the more friends you can make. Who knows we might visit each other in the future one day or meet at a rally.

hot tub in rv parksHot tub

Many nice RV parks have pools and hot tubs. It’s so easy to start a conversation while you are soaking yourself in hot water. I went to Desert Hot Springs CA a few times and I always ended up chatting with people in the hot tub. I don’t know why, but people are really open to having a conversation there. Is this how Ancient Romans socialized as well in the Roman Baths? I don’t know, but for sure, people do make lasting friendships in the jacuzzi.

People are always looking for ways to make friends while RVing.  If you have any good ideas please share them in your comment below. Thank you

The Bottom Line

The RV community is filled with wonderful and friendly people who love meeting new people as well. With these suggestions, you can hopefully like-minded people who’ll make your journey on the road one for the books.


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