Self Driving RVs – The Future Concept

Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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The whole point of living in an RV is that you have complete freedom to travel where you want to. You want to get away from stress, and maybe one of the things that stresses you out in life is driving. I hate sitting in the L.A. traffic, driving 120 miles in 4 hours. If you are like me then you would be happy to have a self driving RV, so that you wouldn’t have to drive. If you had this kind of an RV, you could go to sleep, set the system and you could wake up at a new location and start your day 300 miles away. (Just make sure you have enough gas when you set your destination.)

A self driving RV could take you places and allow you to do things like you have never done before. You could enjoy yourself so much more if you were riding around in a vehicle that knows how to drive itself. Think about how this could affect you…

This will be sooner than you think!

You wouldn’t even necessarily have to buy a new RV in order for it to drive itself. In my oppinion, there will be self-driving-kits that you will be able to purchase for much less and transform your current RV into something new. Kits come with the computer, cables, radars and specialists will be able to install it. Don’t buy a new RV, your current RV might be really great, and you could make it even better by turning it into a self driving vehicle.

Otto, a company which Uber recently purchased, has been already testing these kits on self-driving trucks. Last month a self-driving truck hauled 2000 cases of beer in Colorado, driving 120 miles. This was the first commercial delivery by a self-driving truck. This is the reason why I think the self-driving vehicles, RVs and trucks will hit the streets way sooner than most think.

Even if you only use your RV for vacationing. You aren’t able to get the rest that you want while on vacation, and you aren’t able to focus as much time on your family as you would like, either. Taking an RV on vacation with you almost feels like a waste of time setting up, packing things, plus the driving itself. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore with the self-driving RVs.

Think about how much better every trip that you take would be if you had a self driving RV. This could be such a great thing for you and for the world, and you should be excited to know that this might be coming one day soon.

Honestly, I can’t wait this to come. I would love it. What do you think?


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