Things To Know When Shipping Your RV or Travel Trailer

Last Updated on February 13, 2024

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The RV lifestyle is increasingly becoming appealing to many people thanks to the flexibility and convenience it offers. You have full control over your schedule and explore new places while saving significant amounts of money. There are also the homely vibes you get from an RV if you decide to live full-time in one.

There are times when you may need to have your travel trailer shipped. One such time is during a move, especially if your new location is far from your current residence. Another situation is when you buy a new RV in a different state, you might need it to be shipped to you. What about when you want to start a road trip in a distant location and simply don’t have the time to drive all your RV all the way there? You may have the time but prefer the convenience of the vehicle shipped there. 

Shipping an RV is more or less like shipping any other thing. The key to a hassle-free experience is to choose the right shipping company, something we’ll discuss in detail below. Below are important things to know when shipping your RV or travel trailer:

How to Choose The Right Shipping Company

This is the most important thing when it comes to shipping your travel trailer. Since you are relying on another party to move your precious cargo, the choice of shipping company can make or break your experience. And the key to choosing the right company? Research, research, and research. 

Search for the top-rated shipping countries in your State/city and check if they ship RVs or trailers. Check reviews on independent sites like Google Reviews to see what past customers have to say. 

When you finally choose which company to go with, ask for their insurance policy and a quote. Reputable RV shipping services willingly and readily provide all legal documentation that proves they are qualified and licensed to ship your RV and anything you may need to be moved. 

How to Prepare Your RV

Now that you have a reputable shipping company to transport your RV, the next thing is to get your RV ready for shipping. Typically, this means ensuring all interior components are functional and in good condition. Latches and closures should be inspected and closed properly. 

All electrical appliances and electronics should be disconnected and loose materials should be secured. You’ll most likely find a shipping checklist in the owner’s manual of your RV. Consult the manual for things to do to get your RV ready for a move. Chances are that your shipping company will also send you a shipping checklist. 

Shipping Cost

Many factors determine the shipping cost of an RV but the most significant ones are distance and shipping method. The farther you need your RV transported, the higher the cost of shipping although many shipping services tend to offer discounts after a certain distance. 

Shipping methods also vary as your RV can be transported on a flatbed trailer, hauled, or simply driven to its destination by a driver from the shipping company. Usually, the latter is the cheapest method with flatbed trailer transport being the most expensive. 

Seasons also matter as shipping costs tend to go up in the summer months. Shipping can also be more expensive in winter due to road conditions and the need to take longer routes.

Ultimately, your choice of the shipping company is the most important and by doing thorough research, you are bound to have a good experience. 

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