Your Shopping Guide For RV Awnings 

Last Updated on July 26, 2022

RV Awning


Perhaps your RV space is not enough for an outdoor trip. 

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Choosing The Best Brands For RV Awnings

Finding reputable brands to satisfy your need for an RV awning is easy. You can consider these top three brands – Carefree, Fiamma, and Dometic.

Carefree awnings aim for a stress-free setup for travelers. They offer a variety of awning sizes that best suit motorhomes and trailers.

While Fiamma focuses on box-type awnings that are customizable to fit any travel need. It comes with lots of accessories to complete your awning experience. It is not waterproof but can shelter you from the scorching sun.

Last but not least, Dometic is best-known for its rollout awnings. It is inclusive of hardware kits for further customization. Buyers can pick between the roof or wall-mounted awnings, depending on their caravan size and shape.

The proper way to measure caravan awnings might confuse some travelers. It is not measured based on the fabric’s distance but from one arm to another. Determining the right size of your caravan is the first step before buying the correct awning.

Tools For Keeping Your RV Awning Stable Against Strong Winds

High winds may cause damage when installing an awning. This is why getting weather updates is vital for your trip. It does not matter how durable your awning is when a strong wind passes. Some ways to keep awnings in place include using pegs and sturdy poles to hold the material.

Here are other tools you can buy to stop awnings from flapping

  • Clamps: This tool helps to reduce fabric damage on the awning. It works best with a tie-down kit for greater stability.
  • Snap-On Protector: This is made of plastic and a light solution for protecting your awning fabric when stored.
  • Guy Ropes: It is a tool used for quick repairs to prevent tremendous damage.

Different Ways to Assemble/Disassemble Awnings

Below is a list of caravan awnings and you need to know how each option is assembled and dismantled:

  1. Inflatable Awning

This is a new model of caravan awning which requires two people to assemble. However, the material is easy to put down and it comes with a storage bag. You may watch videos online to better understand the process.

  1. Rollout Awning

It takes one person to lock a rollout awning in place. Secure all the parts of the awning, including the arms and legs with locking tools. Store the awning when not in use by unlocking its arms and fastening the material with a durable strap.

  1. Box Awning

Box awning is the quickest to assemble among the choices. It is also common for caravan owners. Putting it down may take time from disassembling the center support to clipping its legs in place for easy storage.

awning moldAwning Repair

Road hazards are unpredictable and so caravan owners must always bring a repair kit for added safety. This includes tools and equipment to fix awning rips and tears. For instance, repair tape is a less expensive solution to prevent greater damage. The material is also suitable for tents.

Some damages are subject to replacement to extend the life of the awning. The market offers a special vinyl that suits RV awnings. It is water-resistant and has pre-installed poly rope for easy installation. 

Awning Maintenance

Buying an awning can be expensive but a great tool for more exciting travels. Proper maintenance will extend the lifespan of your awning to enjoy plenty of outdoor experiences. So, here are some tips to take care of a caravan awning:

  1. Learn how to set up your awning. Doing it the first time out on the road may trigger stress and panic. For that reason, there will be a higher chance of damaging the material, unlike when you are already familiar with it beforehand.
  2. Though some caravan awnings can be constructed by one person, asking for help is also right. It is a huge material that requires a helping hand to build.
  3. Always beware of the wind direction. This will lead you to an ideal space where to set up the awning. Listen to weather forecasts to know when to take down the awning.
  4. Keep an eye on moisture. Some travelers choose to dismantle the awning a day before the trip is over to prevent moisture which may ruin the fabric.
  5. In case of awning stains, you must remove them right away to minimize the damage. Use a cleaning product that is good for vinyl and other fabrics from which the awning is made. Then, apply or spray a surface protectant directly on the stain for several minutes. Wait until it dries before rolling up the awning for storage. The use of surface protectants helps to keep away awnings from stains for a long time.
  6. Deal with molds using a homemade cleaning mixture, including diluted chlorine bleach and water. It could kill off bacteria and also eliminates bad odor caused by the mold.

Final Thoughts

There are many things you need to know about RV awnings before buying from a reliable brand. Contact this RV awning supplier to discuss to you which type of awning suits your lifestyle.



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