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Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Living full time in a Small RV will require some getting used to. Before you jump in fully into the RV lifestyle, rent a camper to try it first. You can try renting a tiny camper at first then maybe a bigger RV to see which one fits your lifestyle the best.

When you decide to live the RV lifestyle, I must say the most expensive thing will be the RV itself. One great thing about small RV’s is that they are easy to drive, have low fuel consumption and you will be able to pack all your household amenities in their tiny floor plan, and the best of all is that it is driven on the road. There are various types of super Small RV’s but with different prices depending on the make and whether is old or new. Class B RVs are usually expensive when they are new. They run around $80,000 to $180,000. They lose a good part of their value in the first three years, so it’s better to buy them used. You will likely pay 50% less off MSRP for any RV that is 3+ years old. In this article, we look at the costs of some of the best small RV’s.

The Airstream Interstate

Airstream Interstate

The upsides:

  • It is a very contemporary class B RV inside and out
  • This RV offers 2 different floor plans
  • It has an understated exterior- it has no big stickers and thus looks like any other van.
  • You can get the optional cockpit bed which turns your driving are into a comfortable bed.

The downsides:

  • Wet-Bath-this RV has a toilet inside a shower to make the space more useful.
  • Size-the class B’s are very small in size. You need to ask yourself if you can live in such a tiny space.
  • Storage-has minimal interior and exterior storage space that is uncomfortable for long distances.
  • Its price is estimated to be over $194,256

The Winnebago View 24D

winnebago View 2022The upsides:

  • It has a giant slide on the side of the driver which offers enough living space when it is parked.
  • It has no bed in its back so as to give you a big bathroom and shower place. Its main bed is found in the loft area just slightly above the seats of the driver.
  • There is a sofa and behind it is a murphy bed where your 1 or 2 visitors can sleep.
  • The kitchen has a bigger sink, refrigerator, and stove than a class B RV
  • Has 5 times more storage space both inside and out
  • Bigger tanks for storing water

The downsides:

  • Size- this RV is a compact class C, however, it is a bit taller and wider than any other standard van
  • Its exterior looks like an RV
  • Because of the big slide, it is hard sometimes to level it on unlevel grounds
  • Its base MSRP: $172,128

The Leisure Travel Vans

Unity VansThe upsides:

  • They offer 6 different floorplans – 2 Models – The Unity with Mercedes and the Wonder with the Ford Chassy
  • Well built, quality RVs
  • Has a very contemporary styling
  • Two models come with a slide which offers an additional living space

The downsides

  • Is small in size compared to class C
  • If you buy new, there is a long wait time period
  • The sleeping options are limited to two in all versions
  • The base MSRP: $119,210


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The Sportsmobile sprinter extended

sportsmobile-sprinter-van-customThe upsides:

  • Its interior is customizable: a big kitchen, 2 beds, and a big wardrobe space.
  • Very contemporary styling
  • Have sofa beds
  • Have a pop-up roof and this offers additional room for sleeping and storage.

The downsides

  • Has wet Bath, minimal storage and is small in size.
  • Its takes a long time during build-outs
  • MSRP around: $158, 000

Many of the non-custom RV’s are sold at a negotiated price less 20-30% than the MSRP. If you buy a used one, around 3 years old, the savings will be great while you are still getting a newer unit. If you are looking to buy a cheaper model, go and check Coachmen RVs out. They have better prices than most.

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