The 5 Most Awesome Upgrades I Did On My Coachmen Orion

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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#1 New Movable Table

My previous RV had an awesome little table that turned all the way around. It spun, it turned, and was very convenient. It was easy to get up from the booth because I was able to move it out of the way. My new RV came with an L-booth. I like the setup but it was annoying to get in and out of the booth since I used the inside part to hang out and watch TV – like on a couch. So I upgraded and got the Lagun Table. It was not difficult to install but it took me a while. I wasn’t able to use my old table, it was just not the right size, but I was able to find and order a tabletop for it. It’s a bit too thick, it could be half the size and weight, but it serves the purpose.  I saw some videos where people were able to create similar systems using pipes and TV arms, but I wanted something that looks like it came with the RV, not a homemade thing. 

This table made the living space so much more comfortable, it is really one of the best upgrades I’ve ever gotten. Loving it. 


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#2 Creating A Side Door

Do you know anyone who loves seat storage? Most RVs newer and older have them. It would be way better if manufacturers would make this more accessible by using drawers. This one seat I had in the corner has storage, but who wants to always remove all pillows before taking anything in or out? This space is perfect for my shoes but in order to make it more convenient, I needed to cut a hole on the side of the seat. The panel is very thin, so this wasn’t difficult at all, but I had to remove the whole panel at first, make measurements, and make it nice. When the hole was cut, I decided to create a little door from the piece that I cut out by using some hinges and handles that I got at the local Home Depot. Well, I am no professional so it doesn’t look perfect, but perfect for me. So this is it. Now it is easier to use it for my shoes since I can get to it from outside my entrance door. 

Not all seating areas would be good just with a door on the side to make it useful, most would need a drawer which is a bit more difficult to install, but not impossible. 


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#3 Better TV Arm

This RV of mine came with a crappy short TV arm that I couldn’t even tilt. So basically the TV is sitting up in the top corner, facing straight. I like to hang out in the booth, which is now my couch, and watch TV from there. I needed to get creative and get a better TV arm system. So I got this longer arm and can go in multiple directions. It took a while to install it, I had some help, but it is a great upgrade. 


#4 Inverter


I installed a solar panel in my previous RV so when I was dry-camping and it was sunny, I was able to charge my batteries. This is all good, but none of the outlets work unless you are plugged in or using your generator. Charging my devices; my laptop and phone was difficult because I don’t like to run the generator because of the noise. Here are 5 ways to charge your devices without using a generator

My new Coachmen Orion came with one charging station by the bed which has a 12V outlet and two USB ports. I can charge my phone with this, but not my laptop. My TV is a normal residential TV, but there is a 12V plug on the wall just in case I wanted to replace it with a 12V TV. I love the TV though, it is a ROKU TV, it has all the smart TV options, Netflix, Hulu etc. I knew I don’t want to replace it. So I got a small 300W inverter which can run my TV from the batteries if needed and also charge my laptop at the same time. I had a 150W inverter that I used at first but that cannot run both things at the same time. Also, I wanted one that has an on/off switch, so I can keep it plugged instead of plugging it in only when needed. Of course, getting a 12V TV would be more energy efficient. Why? Because the inverter converts power from 12V to 110 and that takes a bit more power.

I am not sure yet how long I could watch the TV when I am dry-camping because mostly I am plugged in, but I already used the inverter and it works great. It has a small fun which makes a little sound when it is turned on. I need to test it more.

I am also planning to install 2 or 3 solar panels on this RV too, so I can charge my batteries without a generator. 


#5 Hooks And Holders


Small upgrades are also great upgrades. My counter space was limited because when I opened the cabinet it needed the whole corner. Instead of putting stuff away all the time when I got something out of the cabinet, I installed a spice rack outside that I can use for the most important, everyday cooking stuff. I only use the cabinet for snacks and I don’t need to open it often. 

I also installed a little towel holder (it is really a toilet paper holder) for the bottom cabinet door. 

I also bought some other small hooks for jackets and getting really creative with strong Velcro to hold stuff in place when I am moving for example my toilet brush holder, power outlets, and pillows.

After all these upgrades my RV feels way more comfortable and homey. There are some other things I want to install soon; solar panels, I am also planning to have 4 6V batteries; a curtain for my bed area but all this can wait. 

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