The Best RV Mattresses For Full-Timing

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Whether you bought it for vacationing or have plans to make an RV your permanent home you face some grave consequences if the mattress on your traveling bed provides less than an optimum sleeping experience. A major point of buying a recreation vehicle is meeting all your living needs while moving about the country without relying on the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, the beds that come standard in the typical RV have a lot to be desired with regard to both size and comfort.

Before you downsize and load your essentials into your RV make certain, your travels will leave you refreshed and renewed by upgrading that mattress. There are some challenges, but nothing as freeing as writing your own agenda and visiting places near and far come without a few barriers to scale. Here are some bumps in the road to the perfect RV mattress and how to navigate them.

Because they fit into a compact area where space is a premium, it is rare to be able to solve the uncomfortable mattress problem by just walking into a store or placing an online order. A traditionally sized mattress may not fit, and the task of trying to adjust to this may seem daunting. Here are some tips that help you cut the problem down to size.


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If the price is no issue research vendors that work with you to design and manufacture a mattress that fits the dimensions of your RV sleeping area. A quick search using the terms “custom made RV mattress” lists a range of options.

Some manufacturers already specialize in RV, boat, and camper after-market mattresses. As you do your research, you may find your RV already has some businesses invested in providing accessories such as replacement mattresses to fit your vehicle precisely.


Consider using a mattress topper to make the sleeping surface more comfortable. These items are easy to find at discount stores and online. Order or buy a bit larger than the mattress in your RV and then use a knife or scissors to fit it to the dimensions of your bed.

Another option is to purchase a foam or other solid mattress that gives you the comfort you desire. Use a knife — electric knives work best — to modify the dimensions of the mattress so that it will fit well into the sleeping area of your RV.


Check out building your own custom-fit mattress using materials that will give you the support and comfort you require. Check out online videos for how-tos on this; there are many.

Change The Platform

If you have some wiggle room in your sleeping area, it may be possible to replace the foundation upon which your mattress lies with a conventional size. Then you can purchase a traditional mattress more to your liking.

Height Plight

Even if you have a larger RV that accommodates a standard-sized mattress you may not be able to upgrade to one of the thicker, pillow or memory foam topped mattresses popular today. When shopping be certain to have all necessary measurements made and available, so you are not sleeping with your nose grazing the ceiling or preventing built-in cabinets from opening or operating.

Weighty Matters

Do not overtax the capacity of your RV by installing an overly heavy mattress and foundation. Check this carefully as you do not want to damage your ride for the sake of a luxurious mattress package.

Machinery Complications

Buying a bed that requires electricity or other power to customize the sleep surface using air baffles is common. This technology can fit within the confines of your RV, but it comes with some concerns. Discuss issues that may arise at different altitudes with the manufacturers and get some instructions on how to avoid sagging or overfilling of air chambers.


Because your mattress is in a small space, you may need to take care that the area is well-ventilated to avoid condensation from forming under the mattress. Usually, the mattress sits on a solid foundation which exacerbates the possibility of moisture build-up and the potential for mold growth. Devise some way to elevate the mattress slightly to get airflow all around.

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  1. Samantha Nichols

    Love the LUCID pad, it arrived quicker than expected, after I opened the package I wasn’t aware there have been instructions and expected it to inflate straight away, then when it didn’t I used to be very concerned so I saw the instructions and waited every day and it inflated perfectly and now it’s so comfortable I’m attaching photos of how it looked before and the way it’s now.

  2. If you’ve woken up with a sore lower back, shoulder pain, neck pain, or have a difficult time sleeping through the night/tossing and turning a lot then this Zinus mattress will solve your problem, truly amazing comfort for the price paid!

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