The Best RV Vacuums

Last Updated on December 2, 2020


black and deckerRVs go on your adventures with you, so you may notice that they get as dirty as you do too. Trekking in and out during the day, your RV can collect dirt and dust just like your home can. Bringing the vacuum with you may be a hassle so thankfully, more portable RV versions are available for your convenience. As with any other item, you will have multiple options and choosing the best can be a challenge. Pricing is obviously important when it comes to purchasing anything, but outside of this you also want to consider other factors before buying an RV vacuum. RV storage and spacing can be limited, so you want a vacuum that is portable and easy to store. You also want one that can be easily powered and one that has longevity. Because of the compact size of most RV vacuums, power can also be an issue, so make sure you get one that is not underpowered too.

The Best RV Vacuums

There are both wet and dry vacuums offered. If your RV has a lot of spillages or wet waste, you need to consider the heavy duty wet types of vacuums. You also need to consider what areas of your RV will need cleaning and if you have a lot of nooks and crannies, then a vacuum with attachments and accessories will be the better fit for you. Power and battery life are also important to evaluate before buying. You want a vacuum powerful enough to remove dirt and debris within minutes, so always check suction power before buying. If possible choose a vacuum that has multiple motors because more motors mean more power. You also need to ensure the battery life is long enough for an average cleaning session, so consider the size of your RV and how long it takes to clean when evaluating battery life. There are many to choose from but some of the best have been listed below for your convenience. Once you know the price range and properties you’re looking for, there will be an RV vacuum perfect for you. Because RV vacuums do a lot of hard work, it is important to always look at warranty information to ensure you get value for your money and a tool that will take care of your RV.

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  • shark rocketShark Rocket HV292 Corded Hand Vacuum: Weighing less than 4 pounds, this lightweight and easy to use vacuum is perfect for RV cleaning. This bagless, corded unit comes with features and attachments that allow it to give a thorough clean. The deep cleaning brush allows for easy removal of debris and pet hair and its versatility allows it to clean all varieties of surfaces in your RV. The dust cup empties easily at the touch of a button, and the extendable hose feature makes it easy to reach all those hard-to-get areas. One of the most distinguishing features of the Shark Rocket HV292 is its washable mechanical air filter and the 15-foot power cord that allows it to go pretty much anywhere in the RV. The only downside to this cleaner is that compared to others, the battery charge it holds is not as long.
  • dyson dc59Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum: Dyson holds a top spot in terms of reputation in the vacuum industry, and this portable version is no exception. As a cordless, it is ideal for Rv cleaning, but the DC59 is not a handheld device. A little larger than other RV vacuums, it extends to 48 inches but is ultra lightweight. It is easy to maneuver and store which is why it can be good for RV use. There are numerous attachments and tools included making your cleaning easy and to reach all the areas of your RV where dirt may gather. The DC59 has impressive sucking power allowing you to get a deeper clean than other varieties, however to et max power you also have to put up with additional noise. In addition to the noise, this vacuum is also more expensive but it does come with Dyson warranty and reputation so will likely last a long time.
  • black and deckerBlack & Decker BDH2000PL: The Lithium Technology behind this handheld vacuum makes it one of the best and most unique on the market. This vacuum boasts super suction and fade-free power as well as a uniquely made nozzle that can reach almost any area for cleaning. The nozzle can rotate while cleaning saving you time as you no longer have to stop and reposition it. Clogs are easily prevented with this vacuum thanks to the 3-stage filter and this also aids in keeping the air of the RV clean too. The rechargeable battery gets the vacuum up to speed in only 6 minutes and it can run for long enough to clean up your messes. The vacuum is one of the noisier models as a result of the powerful suction and it does not come with tools for pet hair removal.
  • dyson cleaner ballDyson Ball Animal 2 Upright: You can’t go wrong with a Dyson and so long as you have the space for an upright vacuum, this is a good option to get. The best feature for this vacuum is the ability to clean multiple surfaces with only a few paces. It automatically adjusts to whatever surface you are cleaning so you don’t have to manually change anything. It also offers superior suction power by creating a seal between the vacuum head and surface. There is an instant release wand that allows you to reach difficult areas for cleaning and there is a convenient tool storage area to hold all the attachments you need. The high-quality construction means this vacuum will last a long time. On the downside, it is one of the noisier models and the built-in suction is not adjustable.
  • dyson for rvingDyson V6 Trigger (Cordless): One of the best cordless, handheld vacuums out the is the V6 Trigger. There are many attachments to help you clean all areas and they can easily be switched out with a single push of a button. The trigger-style handle is easy to hold so you can clean with comfort and the easy-to-use features make this one of the most convenient on the market. Suction power can be adjusted for the more difficult areas but this vacuum does have lower power as compared to other models. This unit also has a very small dust capacity, so you when cleaning larger areas, you will have to empty it more frequently.


Investing in an RV vacuum is a wise choice because your RV will get dirty. Carefully consider your budget, your RV size, and the areas you want to clean to help narrow down the vacuum search. There are hundreds out there to choose from so you will be able to find the right one to keep your RV clean. Just be sure to evaluate what you need first so you get the right one.


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