The Difference between Camping and Glamping

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Glamping or glamorous camping is a new trend on the rise in the world of camping and outdoor activities. You may enjoy the outdoors and quiet stroll through nature but are not necessarily the typical definition of an outdoorsman. The following are the primary differences between camping and glamping. Which one are you?

  1. Your Accommodation

A camper will bring their own tent and set it up in a remote location to enjoy the experience in the most simplistic way possible. A glamper, on the other hand, will often have a framed shelter already set up in a relatively secure location with amenities like electricity and refrigeration. Interestingly, glamping hot tub holidays are becoming more and more popular! (Don’t they sound awesome?)

  1. Where You Sleep

A camper will bring their sleeping bag and prefer sleeping on the ground looking up at the stars. A glamper, on the other hand, will have nothing short of a comfortable queen size bed with clean sheets with a dome looking up at the stars.

  1. The Restroom

A camper doesn’t worry too much. They will simply pick the best tree in the forest. A glamper can choose a stall in the woodsy themed restroom.

  1. Cooking

Part of the appeal for a camper is collecting firewood and roasting marshmallows on the open camp fire. For a glamper, a well-equipped, well stocked RV can give the appeal of a home cooked meal.


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  1. Showering

Most campers will not even shower. They consider it part of the fun of camping. There are a few portable showers if you can’t stand the smell any longer.

Glampers on the other hand will have fully functional bathrooms with very nice shower. Some even come with spa-like features for added comfort.

  1. How you’ll Make your Coffee

Like everything else that needs cooking, a camper will brew their coffee over a camp fire. A glamper on the other hand enjoys the luxury if a complimentary bag of coffee in a pot.

  1. Temperature Control

There are several ways you can control the temperature in a tent. You can easily close the tent flap to keep the sold out, sleep in a lighter or thicker sleeping bag or wear lighter or thicker clothing depending on the weather.

A glamper doesn’t have these problems thanks to the air conditioning and heating units that are available in most accommodations.

  1. Storage

When camping, you can either hang your items or put them in the car to keep out nosy neighbors. Glamping gives you numerous ways to store everything since you will have a refrigerator for your food and even a dresser for your clothes.

  1. What You’ll Eat for Dinner

Campers swear by the food made on an open fire. Hot dogs and s’mores are just some of the delicacies you can experience when camping. With glamping, cooking is definitely much easier since most RVs and cabins have a grill or oven to use as well as a refrigerator to store food.

  1. Getting Water

Campers will often choose a location with the nearest clean stream to find water although they may still need to filter or boil the water. Glamping accommodations often come with a clean source of water available.

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