Things I Learned On My Very First RV Trips

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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As I drove my new RV back to Los Angeles, a mixture of excitement and panic swirled within me. Questions flooded my mind: “What have I gotten myself into?” and “How will I handle parking and maneuvering this behemoth?” With limited knowledge about RVs, I felt a wave of uncertainty wash over me.

Thankfully, I discovered a solution that would help alleviate my fears. Camping World, renowned for its expertise in all things RV-related, offered RV walk-throughs for a fee. Without hesitation, I scheduled one, eager to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to navigate this new adventure.

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During the walk-through, an experienced guide patiently revealed the secrets of my RV’s operation. I absorbed an overwhelming amount of information, from understanding the intricacies of the generator to becoming acquainted with the workings of the bathroom and kitchen. I learned how to properly dump waste, what to watch out for, and the essentials of plugging in at campsites. This enlightening experience transformed my anxiety into a newfound sense of assurance.

Despite the knowledge gained, I still harbored doubts about the overall condition of my RV. To ensure its safety and functionality, I entrusted it to a reputable shop. They meticulously inspected every aspect, attending to crucial tasks such as adding oil to the generator, replacing the home battery, and equipping it with new tires. Additionally, I opted for the installation of an alarm system and keyless entry, enhancing the security of my newfound haven.

Now, armed with a deeper understanding of my RV’s inner workings and the reassurance of professional inspections, I feel a sense of empowerment. Gone are the initial jitters and uncertainties. Instead, I embrace the upcoming weekend trip with newfound confidence, ready to explore the open road and create cherished memories.

Excitement and anticipation filled my heart as I embarked on my first RV trip to the breathtaking Bolsa Chica State Beach. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey, where I would embrace the wonders of the open road and immerse myself in unforgettable experiences. From savoring delicious meals in my trusty to navigating the intricacies of my RV’s amenities, each moment brought a sense of discovery and growth.

Settling into Bolsa Chica State Beach:

As I arrived at Bolsa Chica State Beach, a wave of accomplishment washed over me. With full hookups at my disposal, I eagerly indulged in the freedom of self-sufficiency. The aroma of a mouthwatering dinner filled the air as I prepared a delightful meal in my compact slow cooker. Simple yet satisfying, this experience reminded me of the joys of creating home-cooked meals on the road. As night descended, I assembled my bed for the first time, savoring the comfort it provided. To ward off the evening chill, I relied on my new space heater, basking in its gentle warmth. However, a prudent decision held me back from utilizing the propane heater until I acquired a reliable propane alarm, ensuring my safety even when disconnected from power sources.Check Price

Discovering the Secrets of the Dump Site:

The next day unfolded with fresh challenges and valuable lessons. A newfound understanding of the dump site awaited me as I carefully navigated the process of emptying the gray water tank. This important maintenance task served as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with RV ownership. Additionally, I discovered the separate cassette system for the toilet, realizing the significance of proper care and maintenance to ensure a seamless and hygienic experience. Every step in this learning process contributed to my growing confidence as an RV enthusiast.

Immersed in Nature at Ronald W Caspers Park:

Eager to embrace the beauty of Orange County, my wanderlust led me to Ronald W Caspers Park, nestled within a serene forest setting. Once again, the convenience of full hookups enhanced my camping experience. As the day transitioned into night, I sought solace in the tranquil ambiance of the forest. With my reliable space heater providing a cozy atmosphere, I reveled in the gentle rustling of leaves and the crisp fragrance of the surrounding nature. This serene escape from bustling city life served as a testament to the remarkable freedom and connection with nature that RV travel offers.

Embarking on my first extended trip, I ventured to Oakley, CA, with the intention of spending the holidays with a friend. Little did I know that this journey would provide invaluable lessons and unforgettable experiences. With the guidance of my friend, I delved into the intricacies of my Thetford toilet system, discovering its unique design and independence from the rest of the RV. This newfound knowledge set the stage for a transformative exploration of RV living and the challenges that come with it.

Understanding the Convenience of a Separate Toilet System:

Through discussions and a helpful video, my friend enlightened me about the intricacies of my RV’s toilet system. I learned that unlike many other RVs, mine did not h

Thetford Cassette Toilet

ave a black water tank. Instead, it boasted a separate cassette system, offering convenience and independence. The realization that I could empty the cassette even in a regular bathroom toilet brought a sense of relief. Although it required multiple flushes, this convenience eliminated the need to search for dump sites in urban areas, simplifying my RV lifestyle.

Nurturing Independence during a Nine-Day Adventure:

During my extended trip spanning nine consecutive days, I embraced the full experience of living in my Class B RV. Opting to forgo full hookups, I faced the challenges of relying on my home battery for power. It quickly became apparent that without a functioning battery, even my propane heater would be rendered useless, as everything required 12 volts to operate. With my RV equipped with an electric fridge, I had to ensure that my battery remained charged throughout the night. To accomplish this, I utilized generators for a few hours each day, diligently replenishing the battery’s charge. Additionally, the hours spent driving from location to location along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway provided an opportunity to keep the battery charged while admiring the stunning scenery. Recognizing the importance of a sustainable power source, I made the decision to install solar panels, ensuring a continuous energy supply even on sun-soaked days when the RV remained unused.

Unforgettable Moments in Half Moon Bay:

Half Moon Bay became a significant stop along my journey, offering my first taste of dry camping. Initially plagued by concerns about my thermostat’s ability to maintain warmth throughout the night on battery power alone, I braced myself for the possibility of an uncomfortably cold evening. However, my worries were soon dispelled as my propane heater performed admirably, providing cozy warmth within the RV. The picturesque surroundings and the invaluable lessons learned during my stay reinforced my love for RV living, offering a sense of freedom and adventure that exceeded my expectations.

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