Tips on Choosing Your Next RV Destination

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Hitting the road in your RV is an adventure but without a plan, you may end up somewhere you don’t want to be. Some of your trips should be spontaneous for sure, but you should have a plan in place to keep you moving in the right direction. Whether you are a type A personality or planning to rely on a travel app, making sure you have the right plan ahead of time can reduce the complications that can come along with any road trip.

Below are the top tips to keep you focused and prevent you from getting frazzled when planning your next RV trip.

1. Be detailed, but not too detailed. Some of the best trips are spontaneous but there should always be some level of planning involved ahead of time. You do not want to plan every single second out though because plans may be forced to change. Without any planning at all, you may end up boondocking in a Walmart parking lot and this will not be any fun. Plan your trip around a specific theme or place and you can scout out places around there for boondocking or camping. Just be sure to leave some extra time in case there are any interesting trails you find or unplanned surprises.

2. The right tools: Make sure you use a driving route planner system once you know the general idea of where you will be. There are systems made specifically for RVers to help locate places RVers can benefit from such as propane stock and gas stations. Getting a GPS system that is designed with RVs in mind will help you avoid narrow roads, and low-clearance areas and can locate campgrounds for you. Check with other campers and RVers to see what systems they use as the technology is continually changing.


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3. Google Maps: Google Maps is at your fingertips and has several useful features you may not be aware of. More than just giving directions, Google Maps can help you offline and add multiple stops for your longer trips. You can also access your travel history in case you need to make recommendations or revisit a favorite spot.

4. Additional RV Planning Apps: Roadtrippers and RVillage are additional apps to help you plan a road trip. With Radtrippers, you simply enter your route and it advises you of all restaurants, attractions and other options you may like along the way. RVillage is a social media platform allowing you to communicate with other RVers to find the best sport and to share helpful traveling tips.

Planning and mapping out your trip itinerary is important but you need to also have flexibility. Planning helps you avoid common travel problems such as not having accommodation or finding rest stops. You can still have your fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventures, but a plan will keep you where you planned on going and ensure that you don’t stumble across too many mishaps.

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