Tips To RV With Children & Roadschooling

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Many people give the excuse family is priority, thus the reason you should not get on the road and travel. Family connection is very important, but what if you could all be on the road together. To make your RVing life easy, below are alternative ways you could incorporate your family, especially your children you would want to enjoy the experience. Make RVing with your family much easier, whether you have an infant or children on board.

Tips To RV with children

If you are considering RVing with your children, then the following tips will help you make the experience positive. Children can handle long trips as long as you properly accommodate them, not forgetting RVing can also be an enjoyable experience for them.


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  1. Seat belts are not optional

The first firm rule to install on your children is seat belts are not optional, as their safety comes first. Once they know there are no negations on this they will accept it.


  1. Stop after every two hours

Since the belt is a strict rule, your child will not have the chance to roam around the RV; try to stop after two or three hours. It will allow everyone to stretch a little and use the bathroom.


  1. Schedule your travel time

You could consider traveling either early in the morning or late at night. Take advantage when your children are sleeping, as it will give you a nice quiet drive.


  1. Have some drink and snacks

They can be helpful in long drives to keep your child busy. However, you need to avoid the crumbly and sticky snacks.


  1. Keep your children entertained for the hour

It is easy to keep your children entertained for the hour and still have them learn a great deal. It is by having a parent accessible to answer questions and pointing out a few things along the way.


  1. Get some toys and games

Try to purchase some toys and games that are suitable for traveling; it is advisable to avoid toys that make noises, as the ride can be very irritating.

However, as much as you want to accommodate your child in the RV life, do not cater excessively to every demand your child possess. Instead, be reasonable and firm.


Road schooling is also possible

As much as you want the RV life, education is also vital and should be the first item on your list of priorities. Education is one of the main reasons that encourage families to join the RV life. Road schooling is a home school education alternative to the public schools. It involves educating your children using resources present in a state or country as your database of information.

Road schooling is a little different from homeschooling, as it needs more flexibility with nature. You can plan the class schedule, but they need to be flexible in case a one in a lifetime experience is offered on the road.

In this regard, rather than planning the lessons to have how about taking advantage of the environment surrounding you.

– When at the bookstore plan on researching, read some facts books, try to solve some math problems, do some travel research, read biographies or just play chess.

– Time for laundry is time to juggle, do the laundry as you tackle a writing assignment on your computer.

– While at the campground, it is time to study nature, rent a boat, go to the playground, get the bicycles, take a hike, play with other kids and read.


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