Tips to Sell Your RV Fast

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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Tips To Sell RV

If you are looking to sell your RV you may need some tips and tricks to help you sell it. Your RV may be in the best shape but you need to know how to close the deal and make the sale. These are some tips to help you sell your RV and make a profit.

Preparing the RV

Before putting it up for sale and putting your RV on the market there are some things that you need to prepare.


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Get it Cleaned

The RV should be as clean as possible. You need to get it so clean that it can be featured in a showroom. You should make sure it is clean, there are no odors, and any repairs that are needed are made. Any odors are a turnoff for most buyers so cleanliness is important. You may need to have a professional upholstery company come and clean it for you.

Organize Paperwork

You should provide paperwork such as any routine maintenance and the owners’ manual. All of the information should be well organized. The RV must have a clean title to make sure the sale goes smoothly.

Get an Appraisal

When selling your RV you are going to want to make a profit. You want to make money but do not want to price it so high that a buyer will be turned away. You should look at the cost of ownership, any depreciation, any existing loan payments, and the insurance. You can use this information to help you get an idea of a price. You may want to look at the NADA Guides and related information to get an idea of how much an RV is selling for. You can also get an appraisal from your insurance company. You should check out the fair market value guide too.

Selling Local

You may want to try to sell your RV To the local market first. This will allow buyers to come and see the RV in person. You can park your RV on a busy road with a For Sale sign as long as you have permission from your town or the landowner. You can put your RV in the newspaper in the classified section. You may also be able to put flyers at your community RV Park or local campgrounds. Word of mouth goes a long way. You should post your RV on social media. This will allow people to share your post. You may have a friend or family member that knows someone that is looking for an RV. Social media can be a big help when trying to complete a sale.

Putting it in Consignment

There are many dealerships that accept used RVs on consignment. This might work for you if you have time. Usually, dealerships don’t rush to sell RVs on consignments, since they make less profit on them than selling some of their new units.

Selling Online

Selling the RV online will help you reach more people. There are some RV classified sites like RV trader where people are looking to purchase an RV. For a small listing fee, you can put up an ad. There are also auction sites, like eBay. When posting your RV on these sites you are reaching people that are actively searching to purchase an RV. This might be the fastest way to sell, but the competition is huge. You need to have a competitive price.

Writing the AD

When posting an ad online there are some ways to make it stand out. You are going to need to provide accurate information and provide a well-written text description. In this description, you should write the answer to common questions that a buyer may have. You should also put in the types of payments that you are willing to accept. To stay safe it is wise not to take personal checks. You may want to accept a money order or a certified check. You should talk about the maintenance that the RV had to keep it in great shape. When writing this ad it is important to check spelling and grammar. You want the ad to sound professional and show that you are serious about selling. When posting the ad include pictures of the RV. The pictures should be clear and show both the inside and the outside of the RV.

There are many people out there looking to purchase an RV. You need to write an honest and accurate description of the RV, make sure it is clean and tidy, and make sure the title is clear. Following these tips should help you sell your RV in no time.

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