Tips When Going Camping For The First Time

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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All travel experiences can be fun, and whether you prefer to lie by the poolside for a week or be one with nature and camp, there’s no wrong way to spend quality time with your loved ones. However, if camping is something you’ve never done before then, it’s worth it to clue yourself up if you plan on taking a trip in the future and your accommodation involves camping. Here are some top tips when going camping for the first time:

Do Your Research

When it comes to camping, being spontaneous and aiming for the first available campsite you see is all well and good but it’s not always going to be possible to do so. Spots on campsites can also get taken up very quickly, and if you’re nearing the end of a long day of traveling, then you don’t want to find yourself without a place to pitch for the night. Find out beforehand where there are nearby camping sites, particularly if you’re going to an area that you’re not familiar with. Some camping grounds are going to be better than others, and some may be equipped with additional features that may make camping a more enjoyable experience as your first time around. You can find more info by looking on forums where regular camp-goers will talk about their own experiences and of course, it’s good to find out just how many available sites there are in relation to where you are going. 


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Buy The Right Camping Equipment

The right camping equipment is essential, and the better the tent and supplies are, the less likely it will be that there are problems with it. You want to consider how many are in your party that is camping and if there’s going to be a need for individual areas to separate the sleeping arrangements. When it comes to the tent, this is the most important part so check that what you’re buying is reputable and has good reviews from previous customers. Ask an expert if you’re buying from a store that specializes in outdoor living. They might be able to give you more information on what you’re looking for. You want something that’s going to be durable and easy to put up. Sleeping bags are the next big thing, and you want them to be comfortable and provide the user with the best insulation they can get. This is important because being cold can equate to a very restless night’s sleep. You can sometimes get all this camping equipment on a budget, but you might want to think about splurging out a little to get the very best.

Test The Equipment Before Traveling

It’s surprising that many of us who go camping for the first time is likely not to test the new camping equipment that you’ve just gone and brought. We just assume that it will work because it’s brand new, right? Well wrong – you should always test and take a look at your equipment for it’s intended use before traveling. Manufacturers of products can sometimes get it wrong, and you may not realize that something is faulty or broken until you come to use it. By that point, it’s probably too late for you to get a refund and you’re now without valuable camping equipment in the middle of nowhere, most likely. Always test your equipment before or at the very least, the night before you head off. At least then, you can go and panic buy a replacement. 

Pack Smart

Packing for a camping trip is a little different from the normal packing you’d do for a typical holiday. As you’re out in the great outdoors, you’ll need the right clothing. You can’t really just wear the usual winter wear that you’d wear in bed as you’ll be outside and it’s likely to be much cooler. So ensure you’ve got plenty of thermal wear and that you’ve got heat packs that you might want to have to put in the bottom of your sleeping bags to keep warm.

Take A First Aid Kit 

And finally, a first aid kit is a must in your travel bag or suitcase. You never know when an accident might happen and when you’re in the middle of nowhere, you can’t just pop to the shops to get a packet of plasters. Ensure that your first aid kit contains all the necessities and any additional supplies that you might need for your trip camping. 

Camping can be a really wonderful experience, so make sure you’re prepared, and you’ll have a great time. 

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