Vail Lake RV Resort

Last Updated on December 20, 2021

38000 CA-79, Temecula, CA 92592
Phone: (951) 303-0173

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I would not ever call this a resort. It is a campground. The road to the office was full of huge potholes, I’ve heard that they are patching it each year, but it needs a major upgrade. It is hard to maneuver your RV around the potholes.

The whole park is run-down but this doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my stay! I visited in December, the weather was perfect. It was in the ’70s all day. 

They have accepted my Passport America discount for one night and my Good Sam discount for the other night I’ve spent here.

The sites are pretty large, gravel but not level. You better bring your leveling blocks. 

Why do I like this place? There is a lot to do here. Even though the pools are not heated, the pool area is closed for the winter; in the summer this place is fantastic for families. It is a huge park, lots of open space, kids are freely roaming around everywhere. There is mini-golf, ping pong, pickleball, volleyball, basketball courts. For the summer there is a water slide separate from the pool area. 

I found a 1.5-mile-long nature trail, which was very nice, but there are other hiking and biking opportunities in the area. You can walk down to the lake for example. The lake is farther down.

Even though I like taking my showers in RV resort showers, this one was so run down that I’ve decided to take it in my small RV. I didn’t like the looks.  

There is a convenience store by the main building, where you can buy some basic camping items and snacks.

I saw a cafe attached to a nice outdoor area with a stage but it wasn’t open. They are making it ready for the upcoming New Years’ Eve party. Who knew that New Year Eve is a huge camping holiday?

I had awesome Sprint coverage, I was able to tether and watch my Netflix too.

I gave this place 4 stars because they call it a resort. This is not a resort, a nice campground with lots to do. 

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