Why Did I Decide To Move To An RV?

Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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(SmallRV) 15 Things to Consider Before Moving into Your RV

Living out of an RV is quickly becoming a popular notion. There are benefits to not having a mortgage and other expenses, plus you get to travel anywhere at anytime. There is a freedom that comes with living in your RV that appeals to many people. Not just those looking to retire, but all people of all ages, that just want a change of pace and scenery.

If you have always enjoyed road trips, then living in an RV is essentially, one continuous road trip. Stopping at beaches, national parks, and anywhere else you want to go. If you have the opportunity to work remotely, then RV life provides the best mix of work and pleasure. The best part is that it is all at your own pace.

Packing up and moving into your RV frees up a lot of stuff that you have been carrying around for years. You come to learn what things really matter and what is just “stuff”. Depending on where you want to go and what your comfort level is, there are a number of sizes and styles of RVs to meet your exact needs. Make sure you get one that is easy for you to drive and maneuver

Why Choose a Small RV?

Smaller RVs are easy to maneuver and make your life so much simpler. Think of how much time you spend cleaning and maintaining your home as well as the furnishing inside. Then you add in insurance costs and monthly bills When you live in your RV, these are almost all but gone. There is less to clean and only minor maintenance from time to time. You bring what is important like your laptop, personal items, clothes, and maybe a small TV and you are good to go. All those necessary furnishings are not needed. You only bought them to fill an empty space, which ultimately was a waste.


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Solo Living in an RV

Most people that live in an RV are older couples that are relaxing in their later years. Or at least that used to be the norm. Today, young and even single people are taking to RV living because of the freedom, excitement, and lack of commitment involved. If you still need to work and are doing so while traveling, you need to make yourself a schedule and stick to it. That is the extent of your responsibility. In the end, when the world is on your doorstep, it is much easier to stay motivated and on task.

Making Friends on the Road

Living in your RV and traveling alone doesn’t have to be lonely. There are others out there just like you. It is important to make connections as you travel, especially if there are certain steps you regularly make. You will come across so many different people and you will find others with similar interests and goals. These are the friends you make and even if your schedules and travels are different, you can make and maintain a social relationships. After all, you still have your phone and laptop.

Camping is a great way to meet new people, I made friends in campgrounds as well as joining to RVing communities. When it comes to building social connections on the road, be flexible. People and plans are always subject to change so you need to roll with the changes in order to maintain good connections.

Travelling and Relationships

As fun, as it is to travel in groups or with a partner, traveling alone, can be refreshing. You get the chance to focus on you and do what you want. Ultimately, being alone and on the road can strengthen any relationship you have. You develop a wider understanding as you become exposed to new people and circumstances, which expands your perception. As your experiences grow, so does your appreciation for all that is in your life.

The drawback to traveling alone is that if you are not careful you can begin to exclude yourself, which will cause loneliness. You also have to accept that the relationships you form on the road will be long-distance and unconventional and this can be frustrating at first. The constant movement makes it hard to settle which can dampen new relationships. To keep yourself happy you need to stay flexible and only hit the road when you are not looking to settle. If your expectations are to settle down, then living on the road will only make you miserable.

There are numerous advantages to living in your RV and traveling alone. But there are also downsides. It is important that you consider all sides before jumping into this. Living in an RV is adventurous and exciting and you will be your own priority every day. This can be emotionally, physically, and mentally beneficial for anyone. Just make sure you know the possible downsides to traveling alone, so you can better cope and develop healthier on-the-road connections.


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