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Last Updated on July 5, 2023

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young-and-free-in-a-small-rv-los-angelesI’ve been full-timing in a small RV since April in the greater L.A. area. Life in a small RV can be exciting and certainly fun. However, most people my age (even when single) do not feel they have the time with their traditional occupations to enjoy traveling and exploring in an RV. Vacation time is limited, and costs of living in big cities and even now smaller cities is very high. Add to that the costs of living and attempting to save to purchase an RV and traveling in one seems out of reach for most.

This certainly plays a part when people are seen traveling by RV. They are mostly older couples who are retired or close to it. They’ve worked and saved and now they are living their dream. Why not pursue this dream while younger? It is indeed possible. I am the example.

You can…. if you really want to

In today’s job markets, much work can be performed remotely on one’s own time schedule. Writing, blogging, and editing come to mind. Additionally, there are many jobs that require checking in on conference audio or video call, and being on the road with cellular towers everywhere make that possibility a reality. Marketing personnel, accounting, financial advising, and even jobs in education allow for enormous amounts of flexibility. While a few hours a day can keep one financially afloat while traveling, the ball and chain of homeownership is released. Without a mortgage and real estate taxes bogging people to firm ground, an RV life is the best that offers the joys of working at home without being in a “home.”

Costs of home and car ownership can be rolled into one payment for the cost of the recreational vehicle. A smaller more modest one would be the obvious choice for younger people without children. The age and technologies available make the cost range affordable, with some being a little more luxurious than others. Most RV’ers would recommend buying only what you really need and can afford, allowing more money for on-the-road experiences such as food and fuel.

I’ve noticed many people are not happy with their everyday lives. Working to pay bills, being somewhere all day where they don’t want to be, just to pay for the place they are renting or buying. It’s an endless cycle. Most people get really excited about Fridays and long weekends. Most cannot wait for their kids to grow up so they can retire and live their RV lifestyle. Is that really what life should be about?


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(Here are some ways to find remote work.)

Do I have to be 65 to enjoy life?

My good friend who was 47 suddenly died recently. This again proved to me, life offers no guarantees. Instead of waiting for the next vacation or long weekend, I am able to live now. One week on the beach, the next in the mountains then the desert; I am on a vacation all the time. I don’t care if it is Monday or Thursday, doesn’t really matter to me. Now I am sitting by a pool in a nice RV resort with the laptop on my lap. I live in the larger L.A. area. The reason for this is because I have to be in an office each week, but I decide when. The rest of the week I am off to go.

No, I am not lucky. I’ve worked towards this for years 

why-live-in-an-rv-in-los-angelesI know what you are thinking, that I am lucky. But no. I’ve been telling people for years that I want to be free and live the lifestyle I am living right now. I’ve been looking at RVs, dreaming about how much fun would be to own one. I’ve been putting it out there. Thoughts create actions.

It’s all about discipline

Most of my clients have been with me for many years. But when they ask me to do something I get right on it. They can count on me. I write a to-do list for each day and try to do my best to complete everything on that list. I am very disciplined, BUT I give myself a break from time to time. After you are making enough to cover your minimum expenses each month, you can start making smart money. I’ve been listening to Audio Books when I drive and when I ride my bicycle. They have been helping a lot and giving me ideas. Creating multiple small income streams for yourself is the way to go.

When you start doing your own schedule you will have more time to think about what else to do with your spare time. Time will get a whole different meaning. After all, if hard work would pay well, all construction workers would be millionaires.

Meeting like-minded professionals out there is hard

Researching for events in the areas I am staying at and to meet up with other like-minded and similarly, aged people is difficult. With a laptop, a cell phone, and electric outlets in the RV, travel or work no longer has to be a struggle to choose between. There are places you can meet people, but most of them are not working professionals but retired couples. Visiting L.A., where my friends are is just sometimes the only place I socialize with my age group. This is why I am writing this.

It would be so awesome to have more of you out there!

The ability to get up and go whenever one feels like it provides a sense of control and freedom found in few jobs. Utilizing web sources and working with an employer, or being a freelancer is a traveler’s best companion. It truly is the best of all worlds. It’s time for you to do it too. It’s not at all difficult and way more fun than the mainstream lifestyle.

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