About Me


About Me

My name is Viktoria, originally from Hungary, and I have been residing in the US since 2000. I have lived in four different states, namely CT, NY, FL, and CA.

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For years, I have harbored the dream of leading a nomadic lifestyle, owning an RV, and embarking on a spontaneous road trip with no fixed destination or strict schedule. Rather than being tied down to a conventional 9-5 job, expensive rent, and debts, I yearned for freedom. While most individuals opt to make significant life changes when they are older and retired, I desired to seize the opportunity while I was still young and capable of relishing the experience. This concept remained incessantly on my mind.

Traveling Around

I have always had a deep passion for road trips and have had the opportunity to explore most states, predominantly by car. Along the way, I've enjoyed the comfort of various motels and hotels and witnessed the beauty of breathtaking beaches and stunning parks. However, my wanderlust remains unquenched, as there are countless other wonders I yearn to discover. After careful consideration, I have come to the realization that it is time to turn my dream of leading a nomadic lifestyle into a tangible reality. Fortunately, being without immediate family ties in this country allows me the freedom to feel at home wherever my adventures take me. Furthermore, my occupation in the field of internet marketing presents me with the incredible bonus of having the ability to work remotely. In 2016, I approached my employer of five years, respectfully requesting if my role could primarily be fulfilled in a remote capacity. To my delight, my request was granted, solidifying my decision.

Traveling with Small RV
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The less you have...

Fortunately, the apartment I lived in was already furnished, which worked to my advantage as I didn't possess an excessive amount of belongings. By the way, for those contemplating a nomadic lifestyle, it is advisable to possess fewer possessions, as it leads to greater convenience. Otherwise, possessions tend to control one's life, making the process of relocation unnecessarily challenging. This marks the second instance in which I have undertaken a significant decluttering effort. Five years prior, I packed up my belongings, loaded what could fit into my Honda Civic, and relinquished everything else before making the move to California.

This time I already bought my Class B RV. I sold my small Honda Fit and opted to make a 2009 Ford Majestic Tourer II my primary vehicle. It’s big enough for me, but it’s always the smallest RV in the RV parks. In fact, a regulation parking spot is 19” and this baby is only 19.5”. As a result, unless a spot is incredibly tight, I can usually park in it. Honestly, I can park it almost anywhere, which includes parallel parking downtown.

This was a great starter RV. The small size has its benefits but it also has the space issue.

Two years later I decided that it is time to upgrade to a bigger RV. After a long research I decided to get a 2018 Coachmen Orion, which is a “Micro Class C”, it’s not as wide as a “normal” class C RV. Even though you cannot parallel park with this one, it’s nicer to live in it full-time. I have way more storage and this one feels like a small apartment.

My problem with this RV was that I did not enough space still especially if I was spending a few months in one place.

Another three years have passed and again upgraded for a bit bigger class C RV. It is a 2020 Coachmen Leprechaun with an amazing layout. Finally, I can tow. Not yet, but in the future.

This is about 4-5 feet longer than my previous one, and I really feel at home in this. Finally enough space for everything I own! Although it is a bit harder to drive it into shopping mall parking lots and other places but still not huge.

Why Live In An RV?

The primary reason is that it forces you to live a simpler life while focusing on what’s truly important. You won’t find me wasting my time looking for the perfect big screen tv because there is simply no place to put it. Instead, you can find me out exploring.


You are working one-third of your life for a home where you not even are. When you are not working you spend your time (and money) cleaning it, fixing it, vacuuming, cleaning the gutters, mowing the grass, etc. Then, there are all the furnishings to buy and maintain. Not even talking about insurance and taxes. It’s just a never-ending, self-perpetuating cycle.


If you have a debt, basically you live to work and pay off your house and debt.


It’s not like that in an RV. It doesn’t hold a bunch of junk, so there’s less to clean. There’s no remodeling to be done (of course there will be some fixing to do). If you don’t like where you are at, put it in drive and move on. It’s just easier, simpler. Plus, you always have the most important things with you, like your personal items, clothes, computer, and even your bed and bathroom. You can take a shower, eat a snack, and your own bed on vacation with you. Plus, it only takes 10 minutes to clean the entire RV.


Simply put, when you live in an RV, you are always home, yet you are always on an adventure. Of course, it’s also a cheaper way of living. Once you buy your RV, you know that you will always have a place to live, which gives you the opportunity to take financial risks without jeopardizing your lifestyle.


Obviously, living in an RV isn’t for everyone, but I think if more people would give it a try, they quickly see how awesome it is.

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