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My name is Dan and I have been traveling across the US, living full-time in an RV with my wife for over 3 years.

We prefer boondocking and we had one very important goal when we started, we never wanted to run out of power. I have installed over 3000W solar panel system on our fifthwheel which allows us to run our AC during the hot summer days.

I’ve installed many systems, helped many friends, people I’ve met over the years, and became a solar expert. I can help you to set your perfect system up. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An RV Solar Consultant will provide you information about solar-powered equipment, calculate your power needs, will make you a personalized wire diagram. You will receive a shopping list with all equipment you need and support throughout your DIY solar project.

    Using the right equipment with some basic knowledge you will be able to install your own RV Solar system. If you are willing to spend a day or two on your roof and assemble premade parts, following directions, and you don’t mind handy projects, you will be fine.

    BUT, calculating your solar needs, getting the right equipment is also very important. You might need some advanced wiring techniques, know your voltage and wattage. If you don’t have these skills an RV Solar Consultant can help.

    You must note that improperly installed solar panels can wind up costing you in the long-run, can cause problems even fire!  

    To determine this, you need to calculate how much energy you use in a day. There are a couple of ways to do so.

    The general rule of thumb is that a 100-watt solar panel can produce about 30 amp-hours per day.

    Another suggestion is to match your battery capacity in amp-hours with your solar output in watts.

    If you need help calculating your solar needs, Dan can help you! 

    Because of the variety of factors at play when it comes to a great RV solar system, the cost can range from around $600 for the simplest, smallest set-up to upwards of $10,000 for larger installations. Adding additional panels and batteries will also increase that cost as well. The most expensive part will the battery bank. The more power you need to store, the more expensive it will be. 

    In short:

    • You won’t need to rely on electric hookups and RV  parks for power
    • More environmentally friendly
    • Make your RV resale value higher

    It will take years to recover the costs mos likely, even if your solar panels enough to completely replace all other electric systems or park hookups. If you are planning to keep your RV for a while and go out boondocking it is worth it though!

    Technically, yes but you will need a huge battery bank, capable of holding at least 600 AH, to run a single AC unit for about four hours. You’ll also need at least 1,200 watts of solar panels to recharge those batteries to bring your batteries up to charge to keep you powered through the evening. During sunny days this is easier but on cloudy days or if you are in shaded areas this might be difficult. But because of how many watts a 13,500 BTU air conditioning unit consumes, it is really not practical to use an AC. Most RV boondockers still rely on a generator to run an AC unit or avoid hot areas during the summer.

    That depends on your RV lifestyle.

    If you’re a boondocker, love to be in parks with no hookups, then solar power is a must-have. RV solar panels can be the #1 choice for your power needs. If you are willing to spend the money and you have space you can run your entire RV system with solar, supplementing it with some generator on cloudy days or shady areas. 

    If you however are planning to spend most of your time in RV parks with hookups, you most likely won’t need it.

    • If you are unsure if you are keeping your current RV then investing in a solar system might be not the best time.
    • Solar can be expensive, depending on your electric needs, it might be thousands of dollars. It can take years until it pays for itself. 
    • Setting up the right system is difficult and requires knowledge and experience. It is a breeze with a professional, like Solar Dan

    Solar panels do not produce energy at night and if your solar controller works right it will stop the solar panels from draining the batteries at night. What will still use some battery power is your furnace for blowing air, your fridge to turn on and off, your fans, and other 12 V appliances you are using. Probably not that much at night. I would say your furnace is the biggest draw at night during the cold winter days.

    RV Solar Consulting For DIY Projects

    Solar Dan is a professional. He really knows the ins and outs of RV Solar Systems, he can help you through your DIY Solar installation.

    Schedule Dan Now!

    Dan was exceptional in stepping us through our planning and install. The system was designed to meet and exceed our needs should we want to upgrade our system in the future. We truly enjoyed the ability to let Dan provide all the knowledge and details as well as letting us know any areas he had concerns with prior to our final product. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. /Scott – Full-time RVer