2021 January

I have decided to put two huge residential solar panels on the roof of my new RV. Both of these are 435W and I am having a Victron 3000W inverter installed with two lithium batteries. This video is Phase 1, putting the solar panels on top.

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2020 May

My water pump broke. It seems like only the people who assemble these units know where the water pump is exactly. But! They don't have to work on it so they don't really care where they place it. Is it difficult to access? Oh well...


2019 February

This year finally I went to Mexico! We drove to San Felipe with 90 rigs and spent about ten days there. It was cold there this time of year, but oh boy, what a fun experience!

2018 November

Traveling together with people is a great experience. This is my last two weeks but life is always like this on the road.

2017 April

Xscapers Joshua Tree Convergence

2017 January

2017 January


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